I should probably just move into the emergency room.

Because I got to go there AGAIN last night!

We made the mistake of trying to move my desk from downstairs in the basement to the upstairs dining room - where I was going to work until the den was unpacked (this weekend, preferably). Well, I had the heavier part of the desk on the stairs, mr. e. had the other part at the bottom of the stairs…and…

Well, let me just assure you that one should NEVER assume that a $50 cheapie desk from Office Max will be moveable without breaking. Because it’s not. Because it’ll fall on your foot.

So it was off to the emergency room we went, with me crying the whole way. I knew it was bad if I was crying - I don’t think I’ve ever cried with a broken bone.

Go figure, it’s a ‘bad sprain’. I didn’t realize the top of your foot could be sprained. However, they told me to go see the orthopedist next week, which I’ll do. Especially since I’ve gone to the ER with what they’ve told me was a sprained wrist (twice), a sprained hand (once), and a sprained ankle (twice), and the x-rays from the orthopedist have later showed a fracture. So I’ll be seeing the orthopedist. But for now, I’m in a tight Ace Bandage with a lovely post-op shoe (in blue - I asked for pink, but no dice) on my foot.

However, we did get in and out of the ER in under two hours. And my husband did crack me up by doing impressions of SNL’s Appalachian Emergency Room (‘Whatcha do now, Tyler?" "Well, you ain’t gonna believe this, but you know when you’re tryin’ to get the top off a jar of Vaseline, and it slips, and you sit on it?"). I laughed through my tears.

So much for unpacking the den this weekend. I’m sitting around with my foot up. and I keep telling my husband that they’re going to start a file on him at the ER.

And I’m on crutches. I hate those bitches. They’re on the lowest setting, and they STILL feel too tall for me. But to go down a size is too short.

And the cats are hungry, but I can’t feed them without falling over.


{{{Elza B}}} and pets the cats

Can you come feed them for me?

Even my boy is wandering around staring at me. And he’s usually the one who doesn’t care if he gets fed at the proper time. Unfortunately, my husband is working a festival right now, and won’t be home for another hour or so, so they’re going to have to wait.


No x-rays? Seems like if you dropped something on your foot, x-rays would be automatic.

Hope it’s just a sprain, and that you’re one of those coordinated people who can manage crutches without causing further injury. :slight_smile:

Nope, they did x-rays. I just learned from a nurse friend of mine, though - a lot of times when they read x-rays in the ER, they’re wet, so they aren’t able to see a fracture, so when they’re dry, it’s easier to read a fracture. I’m assuming that’s what happened the previous times - because when I had new x-rays done, they found the fractures.

And ha! :smiley: :smiley:

Yeah. That’s why I nearly fell on my ass last night!:D. Actually, the only reason I’m trying to avoid going to the bathroom right now is because it’s right next to the mud room, and that’s where their food dishes are - so if I go there, they’re both going to take off running and trip me up.