I should write greeting cards, shouldn't I?

Well, at least you aren’t bitter.

Is this the Vogon poetry thread?

So…is the OP coming back to shed a little light on the subject, or are we left to gaze at our shoes? Anyway, I’m off to start an emo band called “Nooses Flown By Angels”.

When I was an angsty teenager, I wrote lots of poetry too. Every single thing had a meter that would have gone along great with the music to “Ironman”, “War Pigs”, or “Paranoid”.

I’m too old to be angsty anymore.

Besides, it’s boring. And I’m not as fond of Black Sabbath as I was back then.

Cluricaun, let me know where your band will be playing - I’ll come see 'em. I need to emote, or somethin.

“My wounds cry for the grave.”
First person to i.d. that song line gets a really big cookie.

Great poem, King of Soup, but I think it was a little too funny to be teeny-ager angst. If nothing else, they take themselves completely seriously (which makes me just want to shake them).

Evanescence - Tourniquet

I TOLD ya I was all angsty and stuff…

And I like chocolate chip. :smiley:

Evanescence - Tourniquet. Chocolate chip.

Wow, simulpost right down to the cookie type. But Missy2U came out on top.

Well I’ll give you half my cookie.

Yes, sorry. I had to work because the greeting card career isn’t taking off like I’d hoped.

It’s not supposed to be poetry but if it makes more sense that way, whatever.

No, I’m not 17 or even very angry at all but thanks for caring. I just sort of thought I’d use this as my own little database of stuff I don’t really want to save on my computer. Aren’t you lucky?

I’m just a little pissy about something I got myself into is all and I probably couldn’t explain it very well anyway. The thought I was having at the time was a little discomfort toward people (a person) who make irrational decisions and base them on what they think Gods plan is.

I, on the other hand, make irrational decisions and have only myself to blame.

What the hell is an emo band?

That’s God’s little sign that music can indeed get worse than what all the late '90s pop tarts released.

Crap. I thought we were here to exorcise the hamsters. Damnit, now I’ve got to tell the priest to go home.

I’m feeling much more peppy today so let me try another one…
I saw the soft red Sun blossoming anew
and all I thought of was you
I wondered if you’d seen it too
I wished that you’d had a closer view

(open card)

So it would melt your fucking face off!

Good morning everyone!

Ok, Black Train Song, that was fuckin’ funny. I just spit water all over my desk.

Here you go.

I’d buy THAT for a dollar!

Good thing that was a big cookie. Is it just me, or did you laugh out loud the first time you heard that line?