I started the day with two horses, ended the day with three

I got home from work tonight. I let the dogs out, got my flashlight and started to feed the horses. The dogs were kicking up a fuss, and I saw my mini horse loose. He’s a lot like a dog, and I was carrying feed, so he came right over. Then I saw a bay horse. I figured it was my boy Irish was loose, too. He was wearing a blue halter, which is weird because I don’t believe in keeping halters on horses when not actually in use. I figured someone caught him, but why put a halter on him and not put him up? He’s not exactly easy for anyone but me to catch, either. I got him in the paddock and he wouldn’t eat an apple, but he was feeling excited because of being loose. Then another horse came into my flashlight beam. It was Irish, safely where he was supposed to be. The loose horse was my neighbor’s mustang. He adopted three a while back, and hasn’t done anything with them. So I gave them all some grain and drove over to his house. He said the three got loose this morning, and he found the other two but not this one. He’s coming in the morning to take him home.

Pics of my animals, just because:Irish

Grace Jake
Maggie & Jake


Hmmph! Sneaking out to spend the night with kids next door. He’s up to no good, I tell ya. If you haven’t given Irish and Peanut THE TALK, now’s the time. Alas, it may be too late. It just takes one night of wickedness to send them on the path straight to hell. Sure, Irish was looking all innocent and everything, but…come on. It was a mustang, fer god’s sake!

You have my sympathies.

That’s a lovely bunch of critters you have! They look like a fine collection of friends.

Nice pack!

freckafree - Well, Irish has been known to step out occassionally. Once he was mising for three days! A lost weekend. I found him about a mile away hiding in a neighbor’s fields. He’s not as innocent as all that.

Contrapuntal, Savannah - Thanks! The dogs and mini horse are all rescues.


What handsome boys :slight_smile:

I’d love to come hang out with your critter friends. I’m sure I said this in another thread, but it bears repeating: your Irish is gorgeous! And Peanut is adorable, and the dogs look great too.

I have fur cats, too. But I don’t have any pics, so I don’t mention them that often. I know the rules.

Four. I have four cats, although they are furry.


Is that an actual wolf? I’ve read about people keeping them as pets.

Is it just me, or did Jake change from a dobie to an adorably furry, yet definitely not dobie in between photos?

Yah, me too. :confused:

Argent Towers - Wolf isn’t a wolf, he’s an Alaskan Malamute.

BlueKangaroo - Jake still looks like a red dobe to me. A stinky one. He’s the dog I posted about earlier in the week who was sprayed by a skunk.


Really? What kind of adorably furry thing does Jake look like? Because he’s not even remotely fuzzy.


Oh, I see what I did. The bottom pic is Maggie and Paddy. Maggie is the black standard poodle and Paddy is the English Setter.