I stuck my coworker's shoes to the floor

And now I’m in trouble.

I did it with double-sided sticky tape. And now the residue won’t come off.

When she walks, her feet go “vvvp vvvp” on the carpet. She’s a little annoyed.

Any ideas? All the websites out there say use “Goo Gone” , “Goof Off” etc. but I have no access to this stuff - the nearest store to me just sells minor groceries. Is there any substance that I could find in a regular office that would help?

Have her step on dirt which will stick to the residue. and stop the noise. Give her money for new shoes.

Er, maybe this is obvious, but why did you do this?

Don’t suppose you have any rubber cement thinner? (Test in a small area first.)

Maybe sandpaper?

But yeah, be prepared to buy her a new pair of shoes, and maybe some flowers. And lunch for a week. You messed with her personal stuff, man.

Chewing gum would probably work. Your colleague might not be too into the idea of you adding chewing gum to her shoe woes, though.

You daft bugger. :smiley:

Isopropyl alcohol should do it. Also known as rubbing alcohol. Available at most pharmacies and some grocery stores. Or try nail polish remover - but that will be more likely to damage the shoes.

Nail polish remover, which contains acetone. Test on a small area of the shoe first, though.

Alcohol (IPA) may work too.

I see LightWithoutHeattttttttttttttt got there first.


Fire is the answer.

Fire is not the answer to everything. :wink:
But Jjimm, why did you do this in the first place you evil evil man!

Because the OP is awesome.

Can she walk on the walls? They’d probably be a lot quieter.

Hey, you mess with my shoes, and you’d best be ready to face the consequences.
Jus’ sayin’…

I think this is hysterically funny. If I could find a way to do this to my assistant, I would. Although, now I know to bring the Goo Gone with me. Thanks for the tip! :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess I just don’t see messing with someone’s stuff–especially their shoes–to be all that funny. But I’m kind of protective when it comes to mah properteh.

Just tell them to walk around in their socks.

Were they blue suede shoes? If so, you’d been warned not to mess with them.

It was revenge for her sticking me to my chair last week with the same item.

When I saw that she’d left her shoes under her desk yesterday evening, I siezed the chance - but my critical thinking deserted me. I had had visions of her putting her shoes on and then being impaired in movement, but I forgot she’d have to pick them up first, resulting in nothing more than a ripping noise and her giving me a withering look, then depositing them on my desk to sort out.

I second the nail polish remover.

(I think it’s funny.)

Or put socks over the shoes.

Apparently, she messed with his butt. Do not mess with a man’s butt.