I suck and I blow; also, Communist Little Girls and Their Communisty Lemonade Stand! [Fixed title]

Check it out here.

Yes, by all means set these communists straight from their generous, charitable ways. it is important to teach them the TRUTH. Which is of course, that this lemonade stand is “all that is wrong with America” in microcosm. This lemonade stand represents the liberal, creeping socialism where we expect to have things given to us on a silver platter by the government…or someone. Little girls, HOW DARE YOU!! It isn’t enough to maybe let them know that they could charge something, it is important to make sure that they know that giving away the lemonade is flat-out wrong and UN-AMERICAN!! You must, and I quote…“make more money”.

Douchy McDouchinstein, thank you for fighting the good fight against the insidiousness of happy, cheerful, generous little girls. Next stop puppies and rainbows. TO THE DOUCHEMOBILE!!

I think your title is a bit too descriptive. Could you vague it up just a bit?

??? ETA: I wanted this to be my whole post, but I’m too loquacious for that.

Okay, someone needs to unbunch his panties. But I’m not saying who. :slight_smile:

Wow, how did that happen? I had a REAL title.

“Terry Savage Savages Communist Little Girls and Their Coumministy Lemonade Stand”

I must of done something wonky. I’ll ask for some moderator help.

Maybe get them to fix your spelling while you’re at it. :slight_smile:

Such as?

“Coumministy” - well, unless that’s how you mean to spell it. I would have gone with “Communisty,” but it’s not my thread. :slight_smile:

Charity begins at home. I mean, profit begins at home.

“Must have done something wonky”. “Must of” literally makes no sense.

End of grammar Nazi post.

I know, right?? I mean, that’s the standard of education, isn’t it? What you yell to some little girls who are, admittedly, still wearing their optimist glasses and haven’t yet been steeled for the big cold world of reality is clearly analogous to how our lawmakers perceive the needs of the people.

Thank you, Terry Savage! You’re clearly not a shit-for-brains loudmouth who, say, hears a second-hand story about things like kids giving away lemonade and then makes up story about “how I would’ve reacted!” if you had been there just to prove how less OMGSOCIALIST!!! you are than the rest of us.

Noted and you are correct, it is a typo. I was just defensive because I have in the past hit the submit button too quickly only to realize that I had written a garb led mess of misspellings and typos that my cat could have improved upon.

Wow, I bet he’s fun at Christmas and birthdays!

You US Americans and your fear of the dreaded socialism are really getting funny with it. Maybe someday you’ll realize that a little socialism in the right places actually frees up your society.

That guy is a pussy. “I rolled down the window and yelled at them.” He is clearly not to be trusted with teaching our children about the evil of communism. I would have got out of the car roundhouse kicked the girls in their heads and taken ALL of their lemonade and said, “That, bitches, is how communism is supposed to work.” It makes me sad some days that not everyone is awesome like me.

He’s talking about your misspelling of “!”.

I bet they used fluoridated water in making the lemonade. That’s how the commies get you, they sap and impurify all of your precious bodily fluids.

Not that it matters, but Terry Savage is female. She’s the financial columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times, and shows up on the local NBC affiliate occasionally as well. Apparently she’s just a little too into her work… :eek:

Ms. Savage appears to be guilty of a strained analogy. She’s not wrong about TANSTAAFL, but even Admiral Bob woulda given a pass to the little girls and their lemonade stand.

That is a psychotic article. And if true, you can bet those kids will never do charity work.

Remarkable that the article contains neither the word “socialism” nor “Obama.” Today’s readers may lack the skills needed to read between the lines.