I think Gmail is messing with me. Spam (1)

I guess maybe I’m a bit obsessive compulsive, but checking my Gmail account and seeing there’s one new spam email in my spam box just bugs the crap out of me.

I’m talking about my main, personal real me email account. I never use it to sign up for anything, and only use it with a few friends, family and professional people.

You know how you check your email online and on the left it more or less looks like this:

Inbox (3)
Sent Mail
All Mail
Spam (1)

So you know at a glance you have three new emails, and they’ve caught one spam.

But with me, it’s always

Spam (1)

Always. I check my mail once per day, it’s Spam (1).

I check my mail every couple days, or once a week, it’s Spam (1).

When I check my mail I immediately go to my spam folder and delete that one spam email.

Within hours, there’s Spam (1).

Not two spams. Not ten. Not thirty. Not zero.

There is always one damn spam. No more, no less! Argggghhhhh!

Am I just OCD, or is Gmail purposely sending a spam email there so I know they’re being constantly vigilant against spam?

I get no spam in mine.

Well, sometimes.

But always only one.

What IS the plural of spam anyway?

Mine used to be like that, but [checks Gmail] now it says “Spam (76)”.


You guys are amateurs.

Currently: Spam (2729)

My personal peak: Spam (15779)

I should follow up with the fact that I average a new spam email approximately every 75 seconds.

I can’t match your peak. What do you do, sign up for every “free iPod” offer you see??

But my levdrakon online persona email regularly has around spam (2700).

Oh, that’s me. Sorry. I’ll stop.

I blame the spam on my registering domains, and some stupid free ipod-esque style registrations, and the daisy chain of forwards from previous email addresses as I moved from email address to email address.

My gmail address is less than one week old.

My husband and my mother are the only people who have my gmail address.

I have not used it to sign up any newsletters, or forums or anything. I have not typed that gmail address anywhere, apart from in an email to my mother.


I don’t think it’s really spam. I think google are sending it themselves, so they can show us how awesome the spam filter is, really. Honest!

I didn’t get my first spam on my Gmail account for months. I’ve been on it for quite a while though. I think the spammers are just now figuring out how to get into gmail accounts. Notice how the “from” field is always a believable name?

I clear my spam out every day or so, and there’s never more than a few in there. I have never used it for anything other than talking with friends.

I’d think that if Google wanted to show off their spam blocking capabilities, there’d be no spam. I know that sounds crazy, but annoying neat freaks by giving them random spam could not do them any favors.

One. That’s it. All I get is one spammerino.

I heart Gmail.

Not always

But doesn’t that one spam email just bother you? Why? Why just one?

That only spam email I get is from a job agency. It seems to get caught up in my spam filter.

I just checked my Gmail and the one spam in there says (sender unknown) … (no subject).

I didn’t bother clicking on it and seeing what might have been in the email. I just did the “delete forever” thing.

In a couple hours, there will be another spam email in there.

Google watches you, comrade. You get spam.

You like spam.



Only with Gmail. YMMV.

Weird. I’ve had gmail since people started giving out invites on here (which seems like a long time ago, and probably was… I’m terrible with time) and I don’t think I’ve *ever *received a spam email!


Ubiquitous J. Predominant

(I’m serious about the spam thing, though.)