Latest market to crash--SPAM!

My primary email account is with Google mail. They do a good job of sorting spam from wanted email and keep the spam in a separate folder for 30 days. Once a spam email is more than 30 days old it is auto-deleted.

A month or so ago, I typically had about 3000 spam in the spam folder. That meant I was getting about 100 a day. It’s now crashed. I currently have only 600 spam in the folder. I expect it to go lower, since I’m now getting only about 10 spam a day.

I think this is a happy side effect of a bad economy. Even spam senders have to make a profit. It’s apparently come to the point where they can’t. Yay!

Anyone else notice the drop in spam?

Nope. Just the opposite, in fact. Part of my job is updating the spam filter for my credit union, and there’s been a marked increase in the last three months.

My guess is that Google updated their policy recently and some kinds of spam now isn’t even questionable enough to make it to your junk box, and instead is deleted before you ever see it.

One thing that’s been on the rise is spam containing zip files with trojans, which I’d imagine Google deletes on sight. That might account for your drop in perceived spam.

My gmail account used to get 25 to 40 new spam messages a day. Lately, it’s down to 8 to 10. So I’d agree, there has been a reduction in spam at gmail. .

And here I thought this was going to be a thread about Hormel Foods Corp.'s poorly received profit forecast and 11% share-price drop yesterday …

I consistently get about 10 or 15 spam pieces in my Gmail per day. That amount has remained relatively the same. I usually empty my spam folder daily since it only takes two clicks.

I haven’t noticed an over all decrease in the amount of spam in my Gmail folder, but when I give it a check, it does seem that I never get porno spam any more. It’s all pharmaceuticals (especially Viagra), University degrees without studying, and “Rolexes”.

Anybody else notice that?