I think I just hit a cosmic vortex or something.

About 30 minutes ago, on a new roundabout put in in our area, I was on one side of the traffic circle and just entering on the other side of the traffic circle was a Deutsche Post Mail Truck which was a cube truck.

It didn’t have any affliated logo on it, like DHL.
For a second, I thought I was in Germany.

See, it’s these European road features that are creeping into North America that are to blame. They’ve started putting in roundabouts in my area too, and suddenly the signs are starting to look English. And there are Sprinter vans and Smart cars all over the place too.

I blame Stuttgart. And Oxford.

Oh great. Roundabouts are bad enough when I’m driving on the Left…

Did you Apparate again, Shirley? I keep telling you not to do that…

I musta Apparated again. Gah.

Hey, at least you didn’t get squinched. That would have been awkward.

Well more on topic with the OP title than the body, but I was once trapped in a cosmic vortex by a Chinese restaurant in Oregon.

My high school went down to look at all the colleges on the 5, South of Seattle on down to the University of Oregon–where we stopped for the night. So after we were done looking at the campus, my friend and I went about the area just looking around. And as we just kind of randomly choose streets, we notice that we keep somehow circling back to the same intersection in front a Chinese restaurant there. And It Just Kept Happening. After the thid time we were actually getting worried and trying each road and alley away from the restaurant one by one, or making different turns along the same street. But No Matter What We Ended Up Back At The Chinese Restaurant.

Finally, afraid, we just kinda went screw it and went in to eat–after which we were able to walk away fine. (And no this isn’t a joke about how we were really hungry for Chinese to begin with.)

It was truly one of the weirdest things that has ever happened to me.

The Vortex is hard to escape…

Now, I know, you all believe I’m nuts with this earthquake stuff, but if something follows you around enough you have to start questioning what the hell is going on. I always question my sanity from square 1, so, I assure you I am a discerning nut.

Ggurl, my best friend in the world arrived in Eugene, Oregon either Sunday or Monday. Last I heard from her was Saturday, and I’m assuming she arrived there Monday from her known progress. Last night, I received a huge scare when the 7.0 magnitude quake off the coast of N. California struck. She is less than 300 miles from the epicenter! I was worried about a tsunami as well, but realized she was far enough from the coast to be in real danger, and luckily the quake was not of the tidal wave producing shear type.
This stuff is really getting to me… I know it can all be explained away logically, but damnit all, the import and personal meaning is all just too much to simply dismiss. There are other examples of this in my life but I kind of prefer to keep that to myself as I might appear crazy or actually lend power to them in some weird metaphysical way.

Isn’t this one of the levels of Chinese Hell? Isn’t there a similar scene or something like this in Carpenter’s Big Trouble in Little China?

Or maybe the restaurant just has really good Feng Shui :slight_smile:

I’ve encountered this Chinese Vortex before.

On one of our first trips to visit family in Germany, we decided to dine at a chinese restaurant named Imperial Jade. [size= Jade is definately in the title. Might be Something Else Jade.[/size] Yes, in english, in germany on a chinese restaurant.

The menu was in engrish, chinese and german. But the wait staff spoke neither engrish, german or, as we realized, chinese ( despite looking very chinese too us) as they kept on having to repeat things to each other to figure it all out.

We ended up ordering our meal with the clarity of KoKo the gorilla. Strangely, it was sub-par.
Must be Ancient Chinese Secret

Ya know, there is something else that occured to me and I forgot to mention, and that has an eerie resemblence, prima facia to my linked prediction (and is perhaps another piece in this silly, mundane, yet grim chain of Synchronicities).

About 2 weeks ago I was sitting with my Sister and Mother at a picnic table in front of a Supermarket next to the pop machines, they were both seated opposite me closest to the vending machines. They were chatting and I was looking at something to my left, just as I turned to look at them, out of the corner of my eye I catch a shiny glint flying down and from the right near the top of the pop machine. There is a loud, dull !POP!, an explosion, and then a hissing noise and liquid spraying all over my Mom and Sis and me! We were all scared shitless and stunned! After a few seconds I realized it was a freakin’ full and pressurized pop can that had hurtled at us and exploded! I looked to the top of the 7 foot pop vending machine and noticed there was another can there atop the machine. Since My Mom and Sis both had their backs to the machine and the explosion I had to explain that apparently the wind had blown and propelled the can off the top of the machine and it fell towards us and exploded. I don’t know how those cans had gotten on top of the machine or why they were left there???!!!

It was one of the weirdest and most jolting experiences we had ever had. I couldn’t help but remember my prediction and the failed shelf and bar glasses. It was a passing thought and I wrote it off as just another weird thing. I had no preminatory feeling as I did with the first incident but I did feel that it was weird that the wind had caused it … then there was this earthquake last night!. Ah well, probably trying to make connections where there are none, but it sure is awfully easy to see the symmetry and its apparent improbability…

Once again I’ve said too much. Ah well, better to get it out…sorry if I annoy, please forgive me.