I think I may kill myself: Extreme Sports related.

I’m not really sure. But I am contemplating buying a pair of these. They are basically stilts that jump. I’m not revered for my grace, but I tried a pair a friend had and I really had a lot of fun. I’d mainly use them for exercise, but I also may indulge in the occasional Bounce…not sure if I’d wear them in public, and definitly not down to the waterfront parks I like to walk on now…Don’t want to fall in. But they look really fun. I’m feeling frivilous. My wife will probably think I’m nuts - but that won’t be too far off the norm. :slight_smile:

Would you try them?

I’ve seen them a few times. One guy just jogging, another dunking basketballs. Other than the additional height they already put you at, it didn’t look like the jumps were all that remarkably high, though a bit higher than normal. I’d try them, but I’d count on some road rash and the possibility of a broken wrist.

I’ve got wrist guards and knee protection and a helmut from a tried period of inline skating.

Don’t try doing a backflip with those stilts unless you already know how to do it without them. A backflip requires whole body coordination and botching it could make you land on your face! If you don’t have the basic technique down, those stilts are just going to give you a longer time to say “Oh, shit!!!” when you realize that you are 3 feet off the ground, your head is below your feet, and you aren’t rotating any more.


What Chasing Dreams meant to say was: you could easily do a backflip on those things within minutes of being on them the first time. Just don’t forget to video tape your acrobatic triumph so that all of us can marvel in your bouncy flippy abilities.