I think i need to go nuts

I’ve been in a lousy mood lately. There have been good times, true, but there’ve also been really really bad times. Most of it has just been me looking at myself and going “what the hell is wrong with me??”

So, just a little while ago, i kinda reached a catharsis in a song. The song in question? “Hang on to Your Ego” by Frank Black (originally by Brian Wilson, but it was the FB version i was listening to). It really seems to describe a lot of what i hate about myself: i’ve always played it safe. I’ve never taken any risks in anything. I’ve always been like the stereotypical protective mother, only like that with myself. Now, this is well and good in moderation. I’ll probably never starve like this. But it’s also not all that fun either. Hell, i’ve never even asked anyone out! What’s up with that???

Suffice to say, i need to go nuts, in some way. Any suggestions?

Stick a bone in your beard. That makes anyone look crazy.

Oh wait. You need a beard for this. Grow a crazy old man beard then try. People will definitely think you’re crazy then.

Or, you could stop listening to Frank Black. He was hella better with the Pixies.