I Think I'm Gonna Take Off For A While

Yeah, well, what the hell. I got to thinkin yesterday that i ought to pull my head out of cyberspace for a little while.

Got stuff to do, got stuff to read, got places to go and people to see. So i think i’m just gonna split for a bit

I’ll probably be back though, and i’ll most likely be on ICQ or checkin’ my e-mail sometimes (gotta get my daily dose of monitor radiation some how, right)

Anyway, yeah, i’m gone

Later y’all


See you 'round, Upham.
We’ll leave a light on for you.

I’ll probably join you. Gotta get some work done and that T1 is going to get me fired yet.

Later, dude.

Come back soon, Upham! Drop me an email any time. :smiley:

don’t be a stranger in chat…m’kay?

I’ll miss ya… I enjoyed your posts.

Take care :slight_smile:

We’ll see you around, Upham. I was just starting to like you too.

And while we’re on the subject, I’ll be getting my tax return this month (filed electronically) and will be using my return to buy a home computer. Now, ironically enough, once I get my home computer, you’ll probably see less of me around here too. When I have a computer at home, I plan to email TubaDiva to suspend my posting privileges (I don’t want any temptations) so I can get a jump start on that novel I’ve been meaning to write.

I’ll let you all know before I leave though.


Oh sorry. Upham I’m sorry to see you leaving, you seem like such a nice young man, an upstanding one at that. It’s quite a displeasure to see you go. In the future, I’ll appreciate seeing your face around SDMB Corner. Godspeed.

Crunchy…Oh Crunchy. :frowning:

It’s ok, I don’t have a home PC yet. It probably won’t be for another month or so before I take my leave of absence.

You cannot do this to me!
Who am I going to have long in depth conversations with till all hours of the morning?
I go to work on Friday telling you Thursday night to keep me updated on things going on here and there, and I have to find out you are leaving like this?
And Crunchy, your not funny either!

I took a hiatus a while ago, and it did me a world of good. Real life is fun! And this place is like a soap-opera. You can leave for as long as you want, and when you return, you catch right back up and found you really haven’t missed much.



Upham You are setting a good example for everyone who has stuff to do, to read etc. Damn you! Well, have fun with the real life bit, and come back soon.

I’ll miss your posts, Upham. I’m about to get extremely busy, but you are one of the posters I always look for when I have time to visit here.

Enjoy that “real life” stuff.

:frowning: Crunchy Frog, I can’t imagine this place without you. But I am looking forward to buying that book! A book by you is one of the few things that could sucessfully pry me away from this board for a while. [/highjack]

Well, fine, then, Upham, just go off and leave me! See if I care!

[sub]Well, actually, I do - but real life is much more interesting, isn’t it? Take care, hon :)[/sub]

Upham, I dont believe I know much about you, but have fun.:slight_smile:
I myself am leaving too.

missing your threads already.

Another one leaving us to get a life… bastards… :wink: