I think it's time to come out of the closet - I love "Friends"

There, I said it, and I stand by it - I love the television show, “Friends.” I know full well that it is totally un-cool to admit you watched and liked this show (apparently no one liked “Friends” in spite of it being basically the number one comedy show for approximately 10 years :dubious: ), and I get all the inconsistencies and illogic and unreality of the show, but I love it anyway. I am well aware that they were all horrible characters that you would have never spoken to twice in real life (like any of us have opportunities to snub people like that in real life).

I like watching these gorgeous people; I like their clothes and their hair and how cute all the guys were, and frankly, the girls too. I laughed long and loud at so many episodes, and I still enjoy them after many repeats. I cared what happened to their characters, and I’m still hoping that all the actors go on to continued success in their careers. Don’t be surprised when I pepper my posts with quotes and anecdotes from “Friends” (like that Ob-Gyn who delivered Phoebe’s babies who loves Fonzie.)

You can all point and laugh now. I don’t care. I’ll be in the basement watching Season One on DVD. :smiley:

< Suddenly the room fell silent, and people slowly moved away from where featherlou was standing. >

begs an interesting question, though…

i very rarely saw it in its first incarnation. as a matter of fact, i’ve seen three episodes, and one of them twice (the free porn on the tv episode). if all the people on the dope are telling the truth and didn’t watch it…then that means that almost literally the rest of the non-dope population watched it.

not saying that the dope populaiton is an army or anything, but would i be relatively accurate with my assessment?

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I love “Friends”, too ! It is one of the few TV shows that can actually make me laugh out loud. I watch an episode almost every night at 6:30 on Fox.

Guess what? I love “Will & Grace” , too !

So sue me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Over the years I enjoyed it on a weekly basis. There are few shows that I can say that this year.

(How I met your mother is one of them)

I too love Friends, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. While there were a few poor stretches, most of the time it was consistently very funny and the characters, tho’ absurd caricatures, were sorta based on people you might know. And occasionally, the characters said something exactly right.

For instance, there’s that episode where Tate Donovan’s parents walk in on a half-naked Rachel in his apartment. Tate Donovan walks in and explains that she’s his girlfriend and his dad, before Rachel says more than a word or two, says “I like her, she seems smart.”


“Friends” was a fine show with good writing, a good cast, and a lot of really funny gags.

It got really, really bad the last few years, finishing with a dreadful final episode, which may be why some people who watched it now deny watching it. But for a long time there it was a first-rate sitcom in every way.

Yeah, I think the problem may have been that Friends was too good & popular too early in its run. You can compare it to Seinfeld & Cheers, which both became super popular several years into their runs. Friends started out extremely hot even in its first year or two, and then they stretched it out into 10 seasons.

I will say that there were some great episodes of Friends along the way.

Yeah, I think the first four or five seasons of the show were excellent. Possibly the funniest thing on TV at the time (though it depends if you have, say, a Seinfeldian or Fraiseresque sense of humor). The last four or five years, by contrast, were a sad, sad shadow of what the show once was.

Yet even those five seasons, disappointing as they may have been, were still better than most of the sitcoms nowadays. IMO, of course.

I like* Friends*. My husband loves Friends. These two shows are incomparable, but my husband and I both agree: if nothing else is on, but some channel is playing *the Simpsons * or Friends reruns, we’re happy.

Could would be any more lame? :cool:

One of my many talents is my ability to quote Friends at will. I can recite whole episodes right along as they play.
I don’t own the DVDs (the damn thing’s on six times a day, why pay for it?), but I do like watching the reruns.

I even have a Chandler quote in my sig. It’s from TOW The Tea Leaves, season eight.

I happen across Friends every now and then… seems there is an episode on every time the tv is switched on. A lot of the later episodes, I have never seen. In the early years I was an avid fan, watching shows endlessly. So when a show ends, I always think, at least I have a few episodes that I’ve never seen, so I can always enjoy a “New” episode from time to time. Except, seasons 6-10 ( The “In it for the money” seasons) are not worth watching. This is a show that not just jumped the shark but jumped… a… lot of… sharks. Or something. I cant think of anything funny to say here. Can I get a job writing the Friends reunion movie?

Last Thursday I was telling a friend of mine how much I miss Friends. Me and my daughter quote it all the time. Stupid quotes to like: Everyday, everyday!, and in prison and I have a bomb-- I am your mom.
I miss it so much I was thinking of starting a Friends trivia thread just to remind me of the good times. Then I thought better of it.

b.t.w. I quite like friends, and am sure loads of people do. I was just ribbing on the way you asked the question, and the fact noone had answered yet.

“Do it, do it, do it!!!”

  • Chandler to Joey, in the restaurant bathroom while Joey is trying to pee. Joey had accidentally set him up on a Valentine’s Day blind date with Jaaaaaa-niiice.

I don’t care if it isn’t “in” to like Friends. I did. But half the time I only tuned in to see what Jennifer Aniston was wearing.

I don’t know that I’d go so far as to say I love Friends; it’s probably not in my top 10 favorite TV shows. Maybe in the top 20. But it’s certainly enjoyable, and I watched it regularly for most of the early years.

I liked Friends, up until they had Rachel date Joey.
Ugh and ick and no, no, no. I stopped watching then. Don’t regret stopping.

I’d rather watch a rerun of Friends than any of the Idol, Survivor or other idiotic shows on now, though.

‘Friends’ had clever writing, and almost always made me consistantly laugh. There’s not a lot of shows I can say that about.

I watched about half of the first episode of ‘Joey’, and I saw most of an episode a week or so ago. Does this show have completely different writers than ‘Friends’? Maybe I caught a bum episode, but man, it was as bad as any bad sitcom I’ve seen.