I think I've experienced the biggest eyeroll moment in all of film...

I’m watching Skyline. (I know, I know… it’s insanely lame out the gate, but the effects are fun.)

Gigantic horrible alien monsters six stories high with tentacles and flying minions are slurping people up left and right. Our characters have just been through watching a friend and two other people get grabbed and sucked up, the monsters have smashed the side of the building they have escaped into. They have gone to an upper floor apartment where they are taking a moment to cry and shake and freak the fuck out over the insanity.

One of the two girls lights a cigarette.

The other girl gets up to leave the room.

One of the guys says he thinks they should stick together, and the girl responds “I can’t-the smoke”.

The smoking girls says: “Under the circumstances I think a smoke is more than reasonable, all right?”

Leaving Girl looks at Smoking Girl and says very dramatically: “I’m pregnant, alright?”

Honey, you will be the luckiest woman on the planet if you live through the next five minutes, much less long enough to give birth, assuming you don’t miscarry from the stress of sheer terror long before then - secondhand smoke from a single cigarette is dead last on your list of things to worry about.


And now that I’ve watched it all the way through…the moment is slightly mitigated by the fact that it bears on the ending somewhat… which itself is a gigantic eyeroll.

Good lord what crap.

But again: tons of fun effects!

Unless you’re texting from your theater seat, you must’ve downloaded it illegally since it’s still playing in theaters and won’t be on DVD for a few months yet. I thought it was a horrible movie, really awful, with terrible acting, a stupid story, no characters you cared about, absolutely no personaliy (some personality can go a long way to make even bad movies fun and watchable) and god knows I don’t blame you for not wanting to pay for the stinky thing, but damn, that’s brazen! I’d be as weirded out if you posted about, say, Black Swan or The King’s Speech or some other great movie that’s still playing. I thought posting about illegal activities was frowned on here at the Dope.

If you texted from your theater seat then that makes you one of those rude people the people here always complain about and that’s not much better. Unbelieveable.

I think I just rolled my eyes more than Stoid did.

Hey, I live in Hollywood. I know people. I have connections.

Some people can actually still remember a film by the time they return home from the movie theater.

As overwrought* as that complaint was, it’s still a tad tacky to announce that you’ve avoided paying. Partially because people like me envy the savings, because I actually spent money in a downtown Chicago theater to watch this piece of crap, and then having gone to an early show delayed us getting to one of our favorite restaurants so there was no way we were getting in without a reservation at that time on a Friday night, and why no I’m not BITTER or anything… ahem. Sorry.

Anyway, even though the film managed to make me loathe every single one of the characters within about 15 minutes, I think it was supposed to represent her coming to terms with her pregnancy, plus that she still had hope that there was a future. It was early enough that they weren’t sure whether it was just their area or what.

  • Totally not overwrought if the offense involved was texting in a theater, though.

No, she said “I’m watching” not “I just got home” but it’s moot in any case. I understand now, it’s a screener. I withdraw my post and wholeheartedly agree with Stoid about how stupid that moment is. The rest of the movie too. And yeah, fun special effects. I so wanted it to be good.

I was ready to show up on the first day with dollars in hand…but the initial reports were grim. I’m SO glad I didn’t spend the money.

I do love a rousing bit of sci-fi special effects silliness, though.I rarely go out to the theater to see films, it’s easy to wait for DVD, but I like to see big silly special effects on the big screen. I can’t think of anything fun coming up, though. Anyone? Summer’s better for that…

I’ve been very spoiled by living in LA and having connections. I’ve gotten screeners for the last 25 years or so. Even better is being tight with the “Special Services” people at a very big agency. “Special Services” is the department devoted to getting front row tickets for the stars and other power players, among other things. A friend took me to see the Rolling Stones a few years ago because she had a spare ticket…in the nosebleed section. I was amazed that people pay good money for such pointless seats after years of never being further than row 20-30 max. Best ever was front row center for Elton John, but that was a different connection…

Ha, agreed. What self-entitled behavior.

TRON: Legacy