I think I've got some kinda Benjamin Button disease

In my wedding photo from ten years ago I look far older than I do now, like by a decade or two!:eek:

If I am clean shaven I am routinely mistaken for a teenager, people think my four year old son is my younger brother which has happened three times in the past month. “Aww your brother is so cute”.:eek:

If you have gained weight since your marriage you could look a little younger now especially if you were very thin before. How about some photos?

Did you have a beard before? That makes a huge difference. I grew a full beard last winter and after a shaved it (the first time in 10 years that I shaved my whole face) I took a trip the local liquor store, where I got carded for the first time in years. That night I went to a bar and got carded again. The clean shave took years off.

Yes, you must let us be the judge of this, which can only happen when you supply photos for us to [del]make fun of[/del] [del]critique[/del] look at.

Well, things could be worse. :slight_smile: