I think my wireless router had its password reset.

I own the router, I have the wep, and I set it up. However, my roommate needs to have access to the network because the cable(modem)bill is in his name. I’ve learned my lesson about giving him seemingly harmless passwords. I wanted to secure our network via a password, but I think somebody got to it before I did (via admin,admin).

I have a WRT54G Linksys wireless router, I have the WEP, and the address is asking for a password, how do I reset it? I know how to reset the router physically, but I have no access to the setup location.

I have no idea what the protocol is for resetting a password on such a system.

I found this on the Linksys website forums. There are a whole lot of people with the same problem.

I believe there should be a button on the back that you can push with a toothpick or some similar object that will reset it to factory defaults.

Just went and looked at my WRT54G and it’s right next to one of the antennas.

I’ve set up a few WRT54G’s before… I believe the default username and password are not admin/admin but rather just a blank for the username and admin as the password. In any case, you should be able to reset everything to default values by using the Reset button on the back.

If those tips don’t work, I’ve had to call 2WIRE technical support, and they were able to reset the password remotely.

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2Wire isn’t going to help you much with a Linksys Router.

Just logged into mine. The default is admin/admin

admin/admin didn’t work. Looks like I have to do the manual reset via pencil.

Funny, my default is blank for the username and admin for the password

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