I Think statistics are rigged!!

A study was done and is showed that 54% of men thought about sex more than once everyday and only 19% of woman do. I call bullshit on this because on both ends the % is way higher especially woman!!

Not all statistics are rigged; only about 85% of them are.

Without a link or reference to the study in question, that explains how it was done and exactly what conclusion it reached, we have no way of knowing whether the conclusions you report are accurate, or garbled, or say something other than what you think they say, or are total BS.

Lol…this 1 is in that 85%

Thats true. I think the person who released it just used it just to get a response.

Statistics, the field of study of evaluating probabilities, isn’t rigged. Any particular study can be rigged, or even more likely, unintentionally flawed.

When you consider that “people who think about sex more than once a day” is necessarily a subset of “people who think more than once a day,” the percentages don’t seem quite so unrealistically low. :slight_smile:

A critical evaluation in a snopes bit about “Claim: On average, men think about sex every seven seconds. FALSE”

The actual abstract.

(Bolding mine.) The full article is behind a pay wall and I am not so interested: I’ve thought about sex enough for the day I guess!


Bruinoboy starts 3 threads about sex in one day! Q.E.D.

What does it even mean to think about sex, food, or sleep? Can you separate your thoughts enough to say what you’re thinking about at any particular time? Is a brief thought about someone of the opposite sex who passes you on the street in a fraction of a second equivalent to the thought you have when the same person at the end of a date says, “Let’s got up to my apartment, and I don’t mean for just a drink”? What things are going to make you click the counter are dependent on what you’re expected to think about and how you’re supposed to make note of brief thoughts. Whether you click the counter for a fleeting thought depends on culturally-dependent ideas about what a thought about sex (or food or sleep) is. Self-reports of thoughts are useless.

What are you hoping to learn? OMG, statistics are Teh Big Lie!!

Are we supposed to chuckle in agreement?

What do YOU, as someone who has experienced life and who is trying to look at the human condition, think folks really think about when it comes to sex?

Are you looking for us to say “oh, those silly studies.” Okay, you got it: oh, those silly studies. Who the fuck cares?


There are lies, damned lies, and statistics.

Mark Twain

I can’t stop thinking about this. (!) So basically, for this study, they had to be constantly thinking about whether or not they were thinking about sex. Could that possibly have skewed things a bit?

Possibly, but it was males and females equally having to constantly think about whether or not they were thinking about sex and other groups who were having to constantly think about whether or not they were thinking about food or sleep.

The conclusion seem appropriate. Young men, prospectively measuring, reported thinking more about all three basic needs more than women and sex not much more relative to other needs in comparison to women. Retrospectively they report having thought about it more. Thus “the results suggest that, although there may be a sex difference in sexual cognitions, it is smaller than is generally thought, and the reporting is likely influenced by sex role expectations.”

Even now that I’m in my 60s and the fires aren’t burning nearly as hot as they used to, it’s a rare day that the thought of sex doesn’t cross my mind multiple times. So I’m definitely in the 54%. :slight_smile:

I’d be surprised if the actual disparity between men and women thinking of sex was that large. I wonder to what extent the culture of Kinsey’s era (i.e. ‘good girls don’t think about such things’) influenced the women’s responses, or maybe even the reality.

[quote=“Wendell_Wagner, post:10, topic:727404”]

What does it even mean to think about sex, food, or sleep? QUOTE]

Thanks, now I can’t stop thinking about doing all three at once.

Oh, those silly studies.

(Meaning: yep, has to introduce bias. But that is the fault of the study designers, not “statistics” per se.)

The OP should keep in mind that many young women have a cyclical sex drive due to monthly hormonal fluctuations instead of the more-constant drive men experience. So for one week out of the month, “DON’T EVEN LOOK AT ME!” might reign supreme for her, but two weeks later she could be a total sex fiend.

That could average out to about 20% at any given moment who think about sex a lot.

There are websites dedicated to just that.

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