I think that I shall never see, A Bank Robber as Funky as a Tree! Newslink

This man just does not grasp the concept of “camoflage”. :smack:


Hmmmm…I have deep suspicions that this fellow is a few acorns short of an Oak.

No doubt ratted out by a squirrel.

I saw a picture of him from the security camera - he’s as good a tree as he is a robber. This story cracked me up!

Yeah it must’ve been difficult to spot him what with all those trees around.

Anyway, a tree?!??

shrug 'spose it worked…
Where are pictures? I wanna see pictures.

If the bank was disguised as a tree, how did he find it? Guess the bank wasn’t very good at camo either. :smiley:

Here ya go!

This story is just too strange.

Some of the reader’s comments under the article are pretty funny.

They said on the news last night that the bank was a branch office. I guess that explains it.

On Elm Street to boot.

How about that cops name “Captain Dick Tracy”?

Bank branch. Funny. I suppose the robber said, “This is a stick-up.” Afterwards, did he just leaf?

Well, with a name like that, you’re basically required to go into law enforcement, just like Jimmy Evil has no choice but to grow up to be a supervillain.