I think we all owe the Aryan Nations an apology.


Looks like that judge’s family wasn’t taken out by white supremacists after all. Weren’t we all just a little quick to judge the aryan nations? I don’t think there’s been such a railroading of a person since OJ, and we all learned how wrong we were about assuming he was guilty.

Next time you see a skinhead, you walk right up to him, give him a big hug, and tell him “I’m sorry for doubting your ethics.”

But don’t hug me if you’re a Jew, black, disabled, etc etc.

Dear Og I hope people realise I’m joking before they get here. :rolleyes:

I don’t feel obliged to apologize for anything, and I don’t think I will after all the facts are in either. The suspicion was reasonable and I always knew it was just an investigation. Plus these people are still douches. :wink:

If anyone’s interested in how the judge is doing, this New York Times article is interesting. Requires a free registration.

I hate Illinois Nazis.

Perhaps some reports were suspicious that Hale had ordered the hit. Not National Public Radio, though. They made it clear that Hale’s contact with the world is extremely limited, and he had no opportunity to communicate with his followers.