I thought I wasn't going to do this....

but, I didn’t know what it would feel like to hit the magical 4th digit in my post count.

So, let the games begin. I would like to dedicate my 1000th post to all of the little people out there. You know who you are, and if I took the time to acknowledge you, I’d have to type a whole lot more.

So, do I get my secret Cecil decoder ring now, or do I have to wait 4-6 weeks for it to arrive by mail?

We went right out there and refused to do accoustical versions of the electrical songs that we had refused to record in the first place.

. . . While you’re busy celebrating your 1000th post, WHO’S PROTECTING YOUR WIFE?

Someday…when I reach godhood like Mullinator, can I get a secret Cecil decoder ring too? I’ll be good until then I promise :smiley:
I’ll dot my i’s and cross my finger’s in the meantime!!!

BTW- Congrats, thats dedication…lol!


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Of all the minor asides, random posts, one-liners, and flames I have posted to this board, what is the one thing Eve won’t let die?


Congratulations to my favorite Mullinator.

Secret decoder rings are not entrusted to the U.S. Postal Service. Two couriers will call and verify your credentials and post count. They will be large men in black suits. They will come late at night. Do not ask questions. Do not make any sudden moves.

Upon receipt of your ring, decrypt this sentence and follow the instructions explicitly: “E-bay ure-shay oo-tay ink-dray our-yay ovaltine-way.”

“I’ll tell him but I don’t think he’ll be very keen. He’s already got one, you see!”

Well, Mullinator’s wife is safe from me…I stood too close to 'im and now he’s using the top of my head as a beer-can rest.

Man, you don’t have a photo posted or I was gonna give you a tiara!

I have over 2000 posts, dammit! Show some respect.
O p a l C a t

::checking in front of pants::

Who told you we were little people, huh?

Happy grand, anyway…

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Wow, Ovaltine? Man, what CAN’T you get on Ebay??

I have over 2000 posts, dammit! Show some respect.
O p a l C a t

Oddly enough Opal, I sent one to be posted on your fine webpage about a month ago. That was conveniently timed about 5 hours before the whole blow-up regarding your page happened. Nice timing on that one.

Congrats. Such an impressive post count. Something for all newbies like me to set our goals for. WTG! :slight_smile:

I got the answer, I got the answer! It says: “You’ll shoot your eye out, kid.”

Mullinator, there’s no decoder ring, but there is a little room in the back. Follow me. (twisting the head of the Slug Signorino statue opens a hidden door that reveals a dark corridor)

Come on! Don’t be chicken! You’ll see, it’s fun back there! (smiles reassuringly)

Arnold, quit teasing the youngsters like that. You and I both know the Secret Slug Door only takes them to the FAQ.

Happy K!

Alrighty then! Way to go Mull! Keep on gliding and swerving. Be like a cheetah, not a monkey…

Just make yourself comfy while I shoot nuclear particles into your heart.
(Courtesy of Wally)

From one addict to another:

Happy 1000th, Mully!

God is my co-pilot. Blame Him.