I thought the old threads would be back (Threads missing? Change display options)

As I look at form pages, there are only threads started today.

Not only a lost weekend, but a lost forever?

I thought the same thing. You probably have your settings set to view the last 2 days. Go into the User CP and change it to 1 week, then you can see them.

I’m going to make this a sticky for now. Nothing from last week, prior to Friday, is lost forever. But unless you change your display options to one week instead of two days, things are going to look blank. I edited your thread title, Boyo Jim. I hope that’s not a problem.

If you’re only seeing threads started/replied to today:

Scroll to the bottom of the screen and look for Display Options. Under From The, change “Two Days” to “Last Week.”

I started two threads today and they aren’t here. Did I screw up? Were they supposed to be started here at the boardstest site?

Never mind. Got the answer at ATMB.

If you started them before 10 a.m., the boards were still in temporary post mode, so they’re gone. Feel free to start them again if you want.

ETA: D’oh.

I’m gonna need some more explicit instructions, because I just got out of a company meeting and my brain is oatmeal. WHERE PRECISELY is this mythical Display Options link?

Never mind. It was buried at the bottom of a very long page and had nothing to do with the word “display options”.

(shuffles off to the coffee maker)

Wow! I’m a sticky!

I don’t FEEL sticky.

wait a few minutes…