Display options quirk - 'show threads from the last X'

Ever since I found out that we could control how many days worth of threads are displayed when view a given forum, I have used ‘last 2 days’ as my default for most of them (but will use a longer history for some of the less active forums).

For a month or so now, and maybe even longer, I’ve noticed that the number of days to be displayed for the forums has been changing on its own - sometimes it will set itself to 10 days and sometimes even to ‘since the beginning’.

When I notice that a change has been made (which can be pretty obvious when I find myself needing to scroll, and scroll, down a long way to reach the end, or when I notice that suddenly I’m viewing page 1 of . . . 1500 pages!), I restore my 2 day default. Yet, sure enough, a day or so later, the display length will change again (and not necessarily to the same value it had been set to the last time it changed spontaneously).

Obviously this isn’t a major problem. At worst, it’s a nuisance. Still, I’m curious to know why it’s been happening and whether it’s happening to people other than me.

In case it’s relevant, I’ll note that I leave myself signed in here for weeks or months at a time, and that I’m using an up to date version of Chrome.

Thanks in advance.

One wee bump, please.

I will join the general chorus of ‘no, it doesn’t happen to me’.


I would guess these options are stored in your cookies. I’d suggest clearing them for this site, and logging back in. And make sure your cookies aren’t set to be deleted.