I thought we were past this crap.

How can we claim to be an enlightened, civilized nation when we allow stuff like this to happen? I swear, I don’t know how much more of this I can stand. When will we be willing to ignore a man’s skin color?
Black Man Given Nation’s Worst Job


I laughed. Thanks lok for giving me a giggle!

The article didn’t even mention this:

Fatality rates:

Logging workers .000924 http://money.cnn.com/2005/08/26/pf/jobs_jeopardy/
President:      .093

(God forbid that should happen to Obama, and this Republican means that emphatically and 100% sincerely).

That fatality rate doesn’t even take into account the presidents that simply died.

Sure, four out of forty-three were killed, but four also died of illnesses. So eight out of forty-three died in office.

Did you see the slide show of the election year? Typically, the gags run at 50%, but for the ones that made mark…nice work!


Man, shitty job with high mortality rate… nope, no thanks.

And he’s going to be living in government housing!

And eat cafeteria food from a restaurant that even its fans call a mess.