I took A Shower, Who Wants Sex

I mean it! Who wants to fuck?

Is this a parody or am I being whooshed? :confused:

Careful what you wish for.



Sorry, I just washed my hair.



A little louder maybe…D

Oh, yeah? I took a BATH!! Come on, ladies!

Oh my GODS that was sooo cool Joe K
Writes that down, the possibilities are endless!


I had to quote it just to see whatcha did.

Not with a stolen dick on a ten-foot pole. There simply is not enough ethanol on the surface of this planet.

[sub]Psssst…you hit the ‘reply’ button…[/sub]

I want sex.

But not with you.

Ooooh, baby. Do me, right here, right now. I want you.

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Is there some sort of official SDMB record for using the least number of words whilst getting to 200 posts ?

Hey, man. I just ate a bag of Funyuns for breakfast.

You look mighty cute in that towel, boy.