I tried the Larry Craig foot tap--success!

On a chick, mind you. And I got the best BJ of my life!!!

I figured if the good senator could do it on a dude, why couldn’t I execute the maneuver for plain old tail? So I sneaked into a public restroom for chicks and bided my time.

How I tapped and tapped that foot of mine!!! But it worked and a chick gave me a bj who had no teeth (the restroom was out in the sticks), and it was awesome.

I’m gonna do it again!!!

Everyone knows that the hottest/cleanest “chicks” in the world have no teeth. Next time wear tap shoes, you might get lucky and get a pinkie in the stinky!

I’m sorry to hear about the rest of your sex life if tapping your foot in a restroom in the sticks gets you the best bj you’ve ever had to date. But hey, you gotta start somewhere, right?

Congrats. :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe you can post about your success in the Pick-up artist thread.

(and I think you meant the chick had no teeth, not the bj)