I wanna kill something -- song ID

There was a song from the '80s that had the lyric I wanna kill something or I want to kill something. At the time, I was listening to New Wave and various other forms of Rock. New Wave was mostly played on KROQ, while Arena Rock, ‘hair bands’, and such tended to be played on the late, lamented KMET. I’m pretty sure I would have heard the song on the latter station.

Any idea what song this was, and who played it?

Probably not what you are looking for since the timing is so far off, but worth a shot I guess…

Desaparecidos had a song called “The Happiest Place on Earth” on their record released in 2002 with the lyric:

“I got a letter from the Army so I think that i’ll enlist. No i’m not brave or proud of nothin, I just want to kill something”

One of my favorite records by the way.

This one is from 1988: A House I want to kill something. Not really hairy, though.

I think that’s it! More New Wave than I remembered, but then I only remembered the one line.

Wow, that’s like if David Byrne fronted Midnight Oil.

:listens to another, “Kick Me Again Jesus”: Now he sounds like Steve Kilbey.

:and another, “Call Me Blue”: Doing Edge-style guitar, hitting a U2esque groove.

Interesting. They’re solid, varied, and right smack dab in the conventions of the era. I don’t really remember them, but then I’m not Irish.

I Am Afraid is pretty cool.