I wanna t-shirt.

Do real charter members get any special priviledges, or do-dads? I’ve been sharing my appreciable wit and wisdom almost since the inception of these boards, as have many others. I suscribed on the first day subscriptions opened. So I got a special deal. So what. I wanna t-shirt.
Maybe a coffee mug.

Or a book.

Show the love, Cecil.

Even PBS gives ya somethin’.

It’s 4.95. $4.95 doesn’t buy a souvenir cup at Six Flags, let alone a t-shirt.

OK, mangeorge, as a Special Deal, a one-time offer, just for you…

I have discussed with our technical specialists, and they’ve set up a special computer link: Special Deal for T-shirts and Mugs for Charter Members. If you click on this link, you will have the special opportunity to obtain t-shirts and mugs at a special low price (plus shipping and handling.)


I’d buy a teeshirt, but I don’t like the bag-headed guy smacking somebody.

I’d like to see some of Slug Signorino’s other pictures available.
There’s a place called CaCafePress.com that will let you post any design for free, and if they sell a shirt you get a cut.

Beats the investment stocking your own.
And you could offer dozens of Slug’s images.

Reminds me of my ex-wife. Somehow.

Maybe we could sell purple T-shirts, printed with “I’ve been graped by The Grapist!”

Oooooooo… I’d buy a few of those.

Yeah, I bought one today. I’m such a sucker.

On the “Cecil Smacking ignorance” T-shirt – what does the “P” on the victim’sT-shirt stand for? “Public”?

I thought it was :wally:

Actually, me too. I wasn’t actually around for that action, but I told my SO about it when I learned about it and we both thought it was hilarious.

I also approve of t-shirts that others do not find amusing. Like my Department of Homeland Security t-shit. The look of confusion on the faces of my liberal neightbors is priceless. (IANA conservative. I am a scrubby young person.)


I’ve always thought it meant “pupil.”

Is that the same as “Smart-assed kid?” :wink:
mangeorge (Actually likes fiesty youngsters.)

Is this what a Freudian Slip looks like?

I’m not gonna get my free t-shirt.
Am I?


your humble TubaDiva

Look at it this way… Normal Subscription = $14.95. Charter Subscription = $4.95 + $10 T-shirt = $14.95 + free T-shirt.

While I love Unca Cece, I can’t stand Slug’s artwork (I will grant you that it adds that certain je ne se pas to the columns but I don’t want to look at it)

Can we add a t-shirt(doffee mug, etc) with “SDMB” or “Straight Dope” like the logo on the top of the MB pages? I’d buy one of those.

I love you too.
Sheesh, indeed!