I want a copy of a specific Fassbinder image

I would like a copy of http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_DB06CdeHh9I/S4wtiRUNAAI/AAAAAAAAANA/-WqRbTzeFNA/s1600-h/Berlin_Fassbinder.jpg

How do I start to search for where it might be for sale, how much a copy would cost etc?

Bump to see if the weekend users have any idea how to proceed on finding a copy of this artwork.

Amazon has a dozen of vendors who have a similar work. It is this particular one I want.

I guess the problem is that you don’t know who the artist is? If that’s the case, see if you can find it in Google Image, and then maybe the url will have that. Then search under that artist’s name.

Otherwise, take it to a pop-art dealer and see if they can identify the artist.

My Anti-virus really does not like that website, I get the message that it has been reported as unsafe, so, whatever your image is, I ain’t likely to see it

Some info near the bottom of this page. It looks like it is a variant of the cover art of the Berlin Alexanderplatz dvd.

Yes, it seems to be from this photo, which I guess is from Berlin Alexanderplatz.

A link here says that the picture is from a rehearsal for Berlin Alexanderplatz. I don’t think Fassbinder actually appeared in Berlin Alexanderplatz. It has been close to 30 years since I’ve seen it though.

Off topic, but I got to meet Fassbinder when I was auditioning to be a voice over in the English language version of the film Querelle. Didn’t get the part, and he eventually dubbed it in Munich instead of Berlin where everyone auditioned.
No wonder he died young…I was in the studio canteen and Fassbinder came in, downed three shots of schnapps and two 1/2 liter mugs of beer in about 10 minutes (no exaggeration) and then went back up to work. This was about 9:00 AM.
He was a film genius, and made tons of films, but he certainly had his personal demons.

Nice sketch of him though - in his younger, healthier better days.