I Want A Divorce!!!

Who files for divorce most often, the husband or the wife? And a related question, which spouse most often raises the question of marriage in the first place?


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Available statistics indicate that the wife files for divorce in a majority of cases.

As for the other question… there’s no statistical way to determine which party in a relationship REALLY pushed for marriage (though, of course, stereotypical thinking would suggest that it’s also the woman who’s likely to push for commitment and marriage).

In a sincere effort to buck the trend, I have personally filed twice but have only been filed against once.

I broached the subject of marriage to each dearly beloved woman, so I bear full responsibility. However, none of them put up much of an argument till very much later (well, relatively quickly later in one case).

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Can’t speak to the divorce other than to say in my Mother-In-Law’s case she filed for divorce all three times.

As for the marriage, I asked my then girlfriend now wife to marry me without any prompting from her. So I guess I instigated it.


I think it varies by country. What country are you asking about? Some countries almost only the men can do it. Marriage is sort of a religious ceremony so that plays into things too.

I was looking at England. It takes less than 6 months for that whole process. But you can’t just give any reason for wanting one, like in the US, where you can but it takes a year.

Which whole process; marriage or divorce? My marriage took four months (Feb - June) from proposal to ceremony and my (8 year later) divorce took five (May - October) from separation/filing to final decree. Both were in Georgia.

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Thats about right, though, 5 months, shorter ifyou are both in England.

Handy, it only took me two months to get the divorce finalized here in Texas. We agreed on the settlement immediately, so the only time lag was the 60 day waiting period required.