I Want Info on this Phonetic Camp Song/Cheer (the "Wha-Datten Choo")

Back when I was a Boy Scout and went to Scout camp, we had this nonsense cheer that went a little like this (phonetically):

Itten-ditten little kitten
Oaten-doaten little boaten
Isk-ittley oaten-doaten
Bo-do skedattin-dattin
Wha-datten choo

We used it as something of a memory/tongue twister contest: The Scout leader would say “Wha-datten choo”, then everyone would repeat it back; then he’d say “Bo-do skedattin-dattin Wha-datten choo” and everyone would repeat it, and so forth. Then you’d do it all again, only faster. And then faster. Whoever screwed up was “out” and you continued until only one person was left standing. (One of my childhood triumphs was winning the “Wha-Datten Choo” contest one year.)

So, the question is: where did this come from? How long has it been around? Is there an official text of this cheer? Is this actually nonsense, or does it mean something (a la mairsy-doatsey)?

Note that, since I only know this cheer phonetically, it’s kind of hard to Web search for any info. However, I did find this page on the “Wah-Dah-In-Choo” lyrics. Unfortunately, that doesn’t answer any questions, just gives phonetic variants of the cheer.