I want my Wheatena, dang it!!!

Okay, there’s a bit of a rant in here, but what I want is some valid answers.

Apparently I have the opposite of the Midas touch when it comes to picking out brand name foods with staying power. :frowning:

My most favorite breakfast cereal in the whole wide world is Wheatena (I know, I know, I’m weird). Lately, I have noticed a couple of grocery stores (Ralph’s, Vons) have stopped carrying it. :eek: Apparently I was the only one buying it, and 1 box a week was probably not enough to justify keeping it in stock. Or was it something else? An insidious plot by some mega-conglomerate to deny the general public the wheaty, heavy goodness that is Wheatena…???

I did a web search earlier on “Wheatena” and found out it was manufactured by International Home Foods. That website automatically directed me to the ConAgra website. A search of their site revealed a hit on the brand name “Wheatena”, but the link led nowhere. On a separate ConAgra page listing all their consumer brands, Wheatena was nowhere to be seen. I suspect that perhaps it’s not being made anymore.


Does anyone know of the fate of my blessed hot cereal??? I’m mourning its loss already, trying to come up with another hearty, high fiber cereal that keeps me full until lunch, and does…ahem…what a high fiber cereal should do.

I’ve tried oat bran and oatmeal, neither of which really blow up my skirt as much as Wheatena. I’m dreading my trip to the store tonight where I must search for a replacement. Dear God in Heaven, what to do??? :confused:

Incidentally, this has also happened with Lipton Diet Brisk (in the can), but Ralph’s has come to its senses and realized that the world does in fact revolve around me, thus they should continue to keep it in plentiful stock.

This doesn’t exactly answer your OP, but are there other “weird” brand names that you crave as much as Wheatena? If so, maybe now’s the time to stock up in preparation of their being not produced. I can just invision the Scout1222 homestead stocked to the rafters with pallets of “name brand” food that no one’s heard of.

::slinks out of work early to rush to grocery store. MUST STOCK UP ON CAVENDER’S GREEK SPICE::

Hmmm… Doesn’t look good.

Faux Wheatena?

DIY Wheatena? How about mixing Cream of Wheat with bran?

If I told you I found it what would you give me?

Oh well, I’m too nice a guy to try extortion.

Head on over to this site. Click on cereal and on page two you’ll find nirvana.

Enjoy and your welcome.

[homer simpson]Mmm…Wheatena…[/homer simpson]

Funny enough (?!?) my trip to the store last night led me to try something new: combination of bran flakes, Quaker corn bran & some dried apricots. What item is just up the page from Wheatena on that link? Quaker corn bran. :rolleyes:

I guess that settles it. Ask me what I like, as it’s sure to be headed on the path of destruction.

“Nize baby—itt opp all the Whitina and Momma’ll tell you de story from de Fullish Frock.”

[Are Ukulele Ike and I the ONLY Milt Gross fans around here?!]