I want pizza and generally stupid stuff

It’s 1:40 in the morning here and for some reason I am craving pizza, I rarely, I mean rarely eat pizza!

No I didn’t have dinner, I shoulda but didn’t and a big gooey mozerella with pepperoni, ham and onion pizza just sounds SO DAMN GOOD, of course with extra tomato sauce. Oh and with the garlic dipping sauce too.

So anyone know of any pizza delivery people that will open up shop for me this late at night? What if I promise to sleep with the pizza guy, think that will help?

Oh and BTW, this is one of those “say stupid stuff” threads, I am good at it so by all means follow in my footsteps and say stupid things, it doesn’t have to be about pizza, whatever you have on your mind.

I’m eating pizza rolls right now. Just bought them at Safeway. I think the checkout girl was flirting with me. Well, actually, even if she just said “paper or plastic” I’d think she was flirting with me. That’s such a personal choice. :slight_smile:


Having said that, all I can say is that ham has no business on a pizza.

Could life be more strange?

I am up WAY late and watching the “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” talk show.

So this dude is on there, he had breast implants. Yep he was bet he wouldn’t do it for $100,000 bucks. SO yes, he did it and got $100,000 from his buddy.

During the show (God I need a life) one of the hosts asks him to show his breasts, bare skin and all. He agrees. Guess what, the “censors” don’t let us see the man breasts.

My God, how freakin prude are we? Geez! Granted I won’t go around and show off my boobs but are we that prude that we wont show a man who has breasts? What is up with that?

It makes no sense to me what-so-ever. We can see men without tops on all the time, take any number of prime time shows or soap operas, we can see their chests, full frontal, but the moment a man puts silicone or saline in their chest they are subject to censorship?

What a weird freakin world we live in that “breasts” are considered censorship material yet we woman have varying degrees of sizes…OY, I don’t know what to think.

techchick68, maybe they were just protecting us from the scary sight of man-breasts, something that I might applaud them for !!!

Why not? Ever had it? A lot of people call it “Canadian bacon” but it’s just ham, and I think it’s very good.

Damn I think I am hungry!


The thing that stikes me as odd is that they bleeped it out like they would on most shows. A simple blue line but you could see the man breasts.

Oh and the other thing, just because the breast area is round does not mean it should be censored. I happen to think that woman’s breast can be very nice to look at. Mine aren’t but as a woman that wishes for pretty boobs I would have liked to see this guys breasts. LOL

Anyhow I thought it a bad thing for the censors to take out a very important part of the story. I have seen regular news shows where they have shown women who have had mastecomies (sp) but they wont show a dude with breast implants? OY, we are one weird society in the US if you ask me.


Pigs just don’t belong on a pizza. Unless perhaps they’ve been ground into a pepperoni.

I can accept a little swine in my pepperoni. :slight_smile:

In the perfect world, breasts would be so commonplace that people’ll routinely walk around topless.

In the perfect world, pizza will be delivered 24-7.

In the perfect world… I WOULD BE EMPEROR! Mwahahahahaha!

(Who wants to be in my harem?)

Eh SPOOFE, you know I am part of your harem, it’s automatic…now I only wish I was 10 years younger!

Saggy tits and all, LOL.

Mmmmmm … breasts and ham pizza …

I saw that show some time ago over here in Foggy Olde England. The guy actually won the bet like “MONTHS” ago, but liked the breasts so much he kept them. Reminded me of a quote from Mike Harding : “I love breasts. I really love them. If I had a pair myself I’d never go out” :eek:

Nobody’s more generally stupid than me!

[sub]Wait, that doesn’t sound so good…[/sub]

Let’s see… it’s quarter to eleven, I’m sitting in my messy-as-hell bedroom trying not to think about pizza (thanks techchick for making the craving contagious) and trying to resist the temptation to slip an All Your Base joke into this thread.

SPOOFE: Can I be your cunning Grand Vizier? Every great emperor needs a cunning Grand Vizier to advise them. <hopes SPOOFE doesn’t read Terry Pratchett>

OneChance: a Telecom girl flirted with me once. She offered me the chance to save on my monthly local calls and I could tell she wanted me. [She was a call centre chick and she knew nothing about me except that I’d been slow paying a couple of phone bills … so what? [sub]Yes, I know I’m a sad and desperate man.[/sub]].