Tickling the pizza girl

I ordered a pizza last night and I think the girl who took my order has a dirty mind, which isn’t a problem for me. When she read back to me my order, she seemed to get quite a gigle out of “large hand-tossed meat lovers.”

Has anyone else given an order taker / server an unintentional giggle?

And yeah, I checked her out when I picked it up, and it was definitely worth ordering another pizza. :wink:

In my not nearly misspent enough youth, I delivered pizzas. I go to one door, ring the bell and a chap whips the door open and slams it just as quick. Hey, I sez to myself, that guy looks pretty naked.

“I thought you’d be the pizza guy!

He came back with a robe on and a big tip. Enjoy your double entendres.

I delivered pizzas when I was 20-21. One night I delivered a pizza, and the door was answered by a pretty, teenage girl wearing nothing but panties and an unbuttoned flannel shirt (though it covered her breasts). I remember she seemed quite nonchalant about her state of undress and the fact that it was a guy delivering the pizza.

I delivered pizza for a couple of years and quit last January. Phase42’s story is typical. Drunk people (yes, guys and girls) kissed me, made me pose for pictures with them, got me to come back and hang out (once explicitly for sex) after work with them, offered me booze, offered me weed, tipped me with bongs, made bets with me to try to save the tip, saved my number from their callID and invited me to parties. I live in a college town, where the women are quite beautiful, and it was the most fun job of my (short) life.

And for what it’s worth, I always giggled at the large, handtossed, sausage pizzas, too.

All I got was one naked guy grumblegrumble

This thread sure took a quick turn away from the intentions of the OP.

Meh. If I was all that worried about getting a real “poll,” I’d have put it in IMHO.

Frankly, Annie’s story makes me glad I started the thing. I got a huge laugh out of the Seinfeldishness of it (thinking specifically of the “boudoir photos” episode with George and the guy at the one-hour photo).

Cry me a river. You know what I got? Manboobs guy. I have no idea what his name was, because that’s what we referred to him as. Regular customer, and probably a great guy, but…honestly. I almost returned his tip the one time he answered the door with a shirt on.

Well, ok, there was the one time I got hit on by the sixty year old woman at the cosmetics shop, but still.

Was anyone else disappointed by the lack of Pizza Girl tickling in this thread? I was hoping for pictures. :frowning:

:::snerk::: Hand tossed sausage!

One time I was working in the deli and got a call for a pizza order. After he gave his order, we had this exchange:

Me: All right, and I’ll need your name to go with the order.

Guy: (long pause) …Natalie.

Me: Oooh, Natalie. You have such a manly voice.

The guy laughed and I told him I’d have his pizza ready in fifteen minutes.

Fifteen minutes later, his girlfriend Natalie came in to get her pizza. He’d apparently mentioned the conversation to her and she wasn’t as amused by my commenting on his manly voice as we were.

Way back when stateside, Wendy’s staff had to wear these big buttons that said “Hot and Juicy.” They didn’t seem tickled at all about the various comments they were receiving.

When I order a pizza delivered, I’m not looking to tickle the deliverer (be it male or female). I just want the order to be right and on time. However, I can think of other people to tickle.

(And never try to tickle me. Please. I beg of you.)

I had a friend that worked at Wendy’s in 1995 and they actually told her to say to the customers in the drive-thru “See you tomorrow!” Y’know …because they love Wendy’s so much that they go there every day. She said it to about two people who both answered with “Why, what’s tomorrow?” so she just stopped.

I remember hearing that crap. I live within a few miles of Wendy’s corporate HQ, so I guess they kind of have to follow along with whatever BS they’re ordered to do, otherwise the bigwigs can just show up and test em. BTW, there is a Wendy’s 1/4 of a mile from the HQ. Wow, do I feel sorry for those guys.

The first time a cashier said “See you tomorrow!”, I wrote it off as being a potentially crazy manager that was working the drive-thru window. The second time, I knew what was up. The guy that said it was some poor middle aged guy, who was practically pre-wincing at whatever my response might be. I just smiled and left. Poor guy, stupid corporate crap.

A friend’s wife is an actress, and got a few jobs at Wendy’s HQ. One was being the assembly model for a chicken sandwich they had recently. It was a spicy chicken filet, with chipotle sauce, pepper-jack cheese and jalapeños. I thought of it as the “afterburner” meaning that after you eat it… Anyways, she was the person that assembled the sandwich for the training video. So, I suppose almost anyone who had ever made one of those sandwiches watched my friend’s wife make one first. Nice.

<puts hand up>

I, too, am disappointed by the lack of questionable content in this thread.

I’m even more disappointed that when I worked for a pizza shop, nothing interesting like this ever happened to me. No naked chicks answering the door, no boom chikka bow wow music, nuthin. On the plus side, I never had to deliver to manboobs guy either.