Singing for my Supper (well, sort of)

This is** really ** mudane & pointless, but hopefully someone may think it’s funny…well, It’s my roomate’s night to cook, right? except he was feeling kinda ooky & didn’t want to, so he decided to get pizza. Well, I had a bit of a tiff with Mr Janis today & felt a bit bad , so I thought I’d see If I could talk him into getting east of chicago, which ismy husband’s favorite. I really felt guilty for even asking, because my roomate is allergic to onions and onion powder & he can only have Little Ceasers, but he agreed to it (He’s a saint!!) & I went with him to show him where the Pizza place was, Well we picked up his pizza & Drove to East of Chicago. I didn’t have my shoes on, so I borrowed Al’s & I told him “Yeah, me n my brudder here, we only gots one par o shoes tween the two of us, an I’m wearin’ em now, but he’ll take his turn & come get the pizza” & my roomate thought it was so funny that he said if I actually told the dude that, he’s consider it payback for the pizza, so I did… XD

You have a roommate and a husband in the same place…is he also your husband’s roommate? And you bought two different pizzas at two different places, right? Just want to make sure I’m following this…

Yes, I live with my husband and two roomates, and we bought 4 pizzas total, at 2 different places.