I want this JEEP! It's got two(2) Hemi Engines in it!

Check out the new Jeep Concept car the Hurricane . See also the interior , and the two Hemi engines! Can anyone say 670 Horsepower!!! ARH…

This would be the ultimate off road experience. Damn them for not making a production model! Aw well, it looks cool and just thinking about the capabilities makes me salivate. :slight_smile:

What would you do with this machine?

Park it next to a Kharmann Ghia, just for the sake of synchronicity.

Is it the Hurricane with 4 wheel steering? Real 4 wheel steering. Crank the front tires one way, the rear the other and basicaly turn around within the length of the vehicle.

I would imagine you could crab sideways too.

About 140.

I’d sob when I got hit with the maintenance and repair bills for two(2) GM engines, that’s what I’d do.

Drive it into a ditch faster and farther than any other jeep to date.

I’m not sure I see the point of making this an off-road vehicle. I mean, one hemi would probably give you more than enough power to spin the tires even on asphalt. A second is just all that much more weight to carry around.

Scare the Bejesus outta some Amish.

The suburban East Coast liberal in me wonders why someone would need something like that. The six year old boy in me says “Cool!”

Actually, they are Chrysler engines.

I drive a Wrangler. I want a Hurricane when I grow up. The six year old boy in me says “Cool!” - problem is I’m a forty four year old woman!!

In my experience with “Jeep” (stands for Junk, Each & Every Part) you will need that second engine for when the first one inevitably goes tits-up. Problem is, that you will need both a second battery (you’ll kill the first one trying to get engine #1 started) and a second fuel tank for it to be even semi-reliable.

My Jeep has 2 tanks, 2 complete sets of gauges (one electric and one mechanical- and the redundant 2 will alway fail similtaniously!), 2 batterys, 3 cooling fans and 3 spare tires, complete set of tools and a Kragen-sized inventory of spare parts.

I don’t have to walk too much anymore, but Christ! There is hardly room for the beer cooler anymore!

If ya gave it to me, I’d sell it cheap!

Right. Some of the best off road vehicles only have 100 hp. Or less. It’s all gearing.

Pinzqaur, and Unimog come to mind. Of course the ‘getting there’ is not going to be nearly as fun. And is bound to take longer :slight_smile:

You can pick up used ones for $10,000 or less. Parts may be a problem though.

But, Pholsphr, the Hurricane is sharp looking. Jeep had a concept vehicle called the Rescue a few years ago.

An older Bronco, Jeep or Blazer makes a good off road vehicle, you can find many of those already built for off road work. Short bed trucks work well too.

Depends on how off road you want to go. My Pathfinder and our Grand Jeep do well for us. My C-10 Chevy short bed has been retired to plow the driveway.

What is the deal with hemi engines?

I wonder how they worked out the drive train. The old front wheel drive Toronados made twin-engine setups easy but a front wheel drive Hemi?

All right, I’ll cry when the multiple transmissions fail then.

Wave bye-bye and watch you cry as I pass you in this little beauty.

As if we don’t have a big enough problem with gas hogs as it is.

You might want to look at the line of men behind you building an altar.

Two Hemi engines? I’m guessing it will pass anything but a gas station. :smiley:

“Hemi” is a trademark name (by Chrysler) and is short for hemispherically-shaped combustion chambers. It’s a time-honored design that works well in sports cars.