i want to change my username

how do i go about changing my user name?

Email one of the admins, using the email address in your registration, and we’ll be glad to make the change for you.

You might want to provide 2nd and 3rd choices, in case your first choice isn’t available. And please note that a name change will also alter all your past posts; this causes a slight hiccup in history, in terms of references to you in an old thread (f’rinstance, if someone said, “Great point, garion” it would not make sense since there will be no post by garion, the name on that post will be changed to your new name.) (Am I being coherent? I haven’t had my coffee yet.)

Anyhow, that’s how to go about it.

To “Belgarion”?

I thought maybe Bengarion.

That’s silly.
Why would anyone want to name themselves after an airport?


Mad Hungarion? :slight_smile:

Garion Wayward Son?

Garion, Diana?

When you wake up, you should remember that you forgot to add that normally only one name change is ever allowed. Members aren’t given permission to change names at will. So this time, whatever name is chosen is the one that will have to stick forever.

Unless that policy has been changed.

Well… you could start by using the shift key.

It’s possible to change names more than once (Johanna and Capt. Ridley’s Shooting Party did it, for example) but what admins don’t want is for people to change names every week or something. So more than one name change and they may start to ask for some justification.

Damn your eyes. Now I’ll be hearing “The Music Man” in my head all day.

And when and if the change happens, all these joke posts will be exemplars of the confusion alluded to in CKDH’s post. :slight_smile:

To add to the potential mess, I’ll suggest Garion Sergeant and Garion Nurse.

Garion Wayward Son?

Stealing my title and my post??

The policy is, and always has been as far as I can remember, that you can change your name once for just about any reason. Subsequent name changes need a pretty good reason, because we don’t want posters to have a new name every week.

I preferred Garion Up the Kyber.

I only steal from the best.

Garion, Stewardess