I want to kill you all

in some quake3…lets go you bastards, tell the fucking wifes to cool there freaking heels …

Lets go all you Straight Dope fucks…meet me in heat.net


Well concrete, looks like we agree on some thing. How ever I can not. Killing you would be against my religion, maiming you however,would not be.

Which could very well happen should I ever hear you refer to me as a “fucking wife” IRL.

P… nah never mind, this one doesn’t even deserve a putz.

So bite me.

Quake one, two, or three all stink. It gives some people an attitude that they are some how now a BadAss. What the whole 3-d shooter genre needs is a vest that shoves a good sized nail into the area that was shot. Why in this day of realism, why not take it even farther?

 Play something that requires more brains, and then come talk to me.

Kvallulf :

You suck at Quake, dont you?

Actually, I kick ass at TF, and Q3, and Unreal tournament. I just find them rather dull after 20 min. Whats the point, run shoot, shoot some more, Yeah!! I have 2 more kills than DeathDlr12!!! Half life was a fun game, and I have yet to try Mercenary. I prefer the close combat series, or something like that.

Hey motherfucker, I’ll fry your lime enhanced, Portland dry mixed aggregate dumped piece of shit ass straight down to the depths or your inconsequential soul.

Oh no!! Concrete look out the false one is after you!