I want to make a swap/paging file partition in windows

My C:\ drive keeps filling up with porn and this limits my swap space.

Is there anyway I can move the swap file to a specified location (say another partition).

so ideally I want to:
make a partition (call it E:)
and then move windows swap file to that area.

Wouldn’t it be easier to move the porn to the other drive?

But anyway, what version of Windows?

In 9x, go to the System Properties, click on the Performance tab, then click on the Virtual Memory button.
Next, click the “Let me specify my own virtual settings” and then change the hard disk. Restart your PC.

I don’t know the procedure for NT/2000/XP.

Sorry should have mentioned I have windows 2000, all recent updates.

Sorry should have mentioned I have windows 2000, all recent updates.

In Win2k, go to the Control Panel and choose system. Click the Advanced tab, and the performance options. Click the Change button underneath Virtual Memory. You can change your swap file locations (and sizes) here. Remember, that generally you want a swapfile at least 1.5 times as large as the amount of RAM you have. I don’t recommend any less than that.

Far, far simpler:

Since the partition for your swap file (if that is the only thing on it) is a fixed size, that means your swap file is a fixed size. You can just specifiy a fixed size for your swap file and leave it on C:.

If you have a fixed size swap file (regardless of where it is) you want to make sure that it is defragmented. Standard Norton-like utils do this for Win9x, don’t know about WinNT family.

As for the porn, get a CD burner or a life. (The two are mutually incompatible.)

Thank you everyone.

ftg - I dont have the time or money for either!