I want to offer a contrarian take on this story: BLAME THE WOMAN MOM

Though, I pushed for a ban on The Daily Mail… because they’re click-bait garbage.

However, they’re perfectly suited to bring stories such as this: Heartbreaking words of boy killed in car booster seat after mother gave another driver the finger | Daily Mail Online
Title: Heartbreaking words of boy killed in car booster seat after mother gave another driver the finger
I want to offer a contrarian take here: A LOT OF THE BLAME should GO TO THE MOM.


Enjoying road rage, relishing in it is something one should always avoid, but this is doubly true when you’re responsible for kids.

Yes, most of the blame belongs to the feral shooter who can’t keep his emotions in check.

But mom deserves blame too.

  1. giving someone the finger is also setting a very bad example for your child.

  2. it’s also very unwomanly conduct…

Kenny, please provide us with a couple of lists. One of womanly things and the other of unwomanly things.

Anyone giving someone the middle finger in front of a child is setting a bad example. Doesn’t matter if it’s a man or a woman.

a. dressing inappropriately and when called out for it, complain and accuse ppl of sexism/misogyny.

b. being hypocritical aka

c. constantly accusing people rape

d. cussing

e. using feminism as a vehicle to excuse one’s own selfishness

There’s more to this list for later. I need some coffee :slight_smile:

  1. You need to stop using so many caps.

  2. Try to explain what you’re talking about in your post. I had to click the link to find out what happened. To save others the trouble, I’ll explain what the article said; a woman was driving with her son in the car. The woman flipped off another driver. A passenger in that car pulled out a gun and shot at the woman’s car, hitting her son.

  3. You seem to have gone out of your way to throw the blame on the wrong person here. The person who flips somebody else off in traffic is not to blame when they get shot at. The person who is to blame is the person who decided that shooting at somebody was a good response to being flipped off.

  4. This had nothing to do with who was a man or a woman. Or who was a parent.

Wait. Is that list womanly or unwomanly?

You’re not a contrarian. You’re an idiot.

Why don’t you do the world a favor. Go to your local police station and confess to some crimes.

I apologize, I’m still learning.

I don’t mean to suggest that mom is entirely to blame here only that she deserves PART of the blame. I would like her called out for her poor choices.

No, you want to blame the victim. She’s the victim of an incredibly disproportionate response. Both from the shooter and now from you.

The women where I work must be really womanly. We go for weeks and weeks without false accusations of rape.

cussing, OTOH…

^^Same where I work.

A few of the gals curse like sailors!

We need some finger control laws.

You’re doing trolling wrong. Your opinion should be odious, sure, but it needs to not be so odious it’s obvious you are a troll or a metamorphic rock. It should be odious, to get people to react, but not so odious not a single sole will join you and keep the “reactors” reacting.

Now please keep your eyes open and look this way while I bring out this high UV lamp.

So, if the guy who fired the shot is questioned by the police, what should he tell them?

Apparently, that the lady in question was wearing revealing clothing and was a feminist who was using her vehicle for selfish reasons.

And other unwomanly stuff.


It’s always a good idea to cooperate with law enforcement. That will aid them in finding not just the woman, but the woman mom.

Partially blaming the mom isn’t the problem with your posts. Being contrarian isn’t the problem with your posts.

(Checks forum) Your intellectually stunted misogyny is.

The lack of proper capitalization, and the unrealistically bad English are also over the top. aka

Is that something that woman moms shouldn’t do?

It’s the “constantly” that’s a problem. No time for womanly mom activities, then…