I want to start a new Rick-Rolled style meme, and I want to use this video!

Please, spread it around, like fertilizer.

I agree with you except I think it should be this video.

I think this oldie but goodie has been forgotten in the past couple of years since its heyday as a soundtrack for that leek-twirling japanese anime chickie - I think it needs to make a comeback! It’s strangely hypnotic.
Ievan polkka by Loituma

Russki Rolled!

I fixed your link.

I give you Caramelldansen.

someone do a Rickman Roll, and make it hawt

I’m going to “Q roll” you … Hot Baby!

Real sexy, like John Q. De Lancie, Kiss Kiss!

“Q balling” might be better than “Q rolling”.

Somebody “Rick-rolls” ya, you “Q-ball them”.

You just had to get me started on that again, didn’t you?


Love it, though… :slight_smile:

If nothing else works… You can Spin them… Take them Dead or Alive.

Nothing will match the original.


Nice. I hope you fail, though :slight_smile: FYI, the song in the OP is something of an ode to celebrating New Year’s Eve.

My brain hurts. Thanx