I'm a-gonna Rickroll my friend for Xmas

The plan: take the box from my new digital camera (Canon S90), and replace the camera therein with this t-shirt. Wrap box as present for an old friend. Use camera to take picture of friend unwrapping and opening gift.

That is all. (Is that M & P enough?)

I’d love to do this for my son — except give him the camera, which I plan to do anyway. I doubt he knows what rickrolled means, though, so I’m the only one who would be amused.

I believe he is the one who introduced me a few years abck to the idea of Rickrolling, by emailing me a TinyURL link to the Rick Astley video on YouTube and just saying “check this out”. Then when I asked him why he sent me a link to a Rick Astley video, he replied “U JUST GOT RICKROLLED LOL!!!1!” (Or something like that.)

So he deserves it!

If you want to provide a soundtrack to the gift opening, there’s a great mashup by DJ Morgoth of “Never Gonna Give You Up” with Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, called “Never Gonna Give Your Teen Spirit Up.” Googling “DJ Morgoth” should produce his website and a MP3 version of the song. :wink:

(It’s neat - the instrumental part is Nirvana, the vocals are Astley; it’s kind of funny until the chorus kicks in, and then it sounds great!)

Yeah! You tell him! You may need to get him with this, which is the newest incarnation of the meme.

You sure? That’s been around for years, and memes move pretty fast.

Yes, but there seem to be local pockets that are a bit further behind.

Well, it’s the newest -roll that i know of.