I want to track the temperature of a shelter overnight

I want to see the effects of some different types of fire lays on the temperature inside a Kochanski Supershelter (basically a lean-to with the back wall covered with a space blanket and the whole thing covered with clear plastic). I don’t really want to stay up all night taking readings, so I would like to get a thermometer that can do this for me. What products are available to me?


Something like this sounds like it would work: http://www.microdaq.com/logtag/trix-8.php

Looks like it requires a docking station to set it up and get the readings afterword, so almost $100 bucks for both devices.

Here’s one that has the USB attached: http://www.microdaq.com/lascar/temperature/usb-temp-logger.php

Something like the Kestrel can do what you want, and a lot more.