I was a guest contributor on a really cool Podcast "All Time Top Ten"

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I was a guest yesterday on a friend’s Podcast.
My friend has a Podcast called “All Time Top Ten”. Each week there is a new topic. The host and the guest each put together their own list of the All Time Top Songs on that topic.

Our topic was “All Time Top Songs Under 2 Minutes Long”.
Because we were doing short songs, we did Top Twenty instead of Top Ten.

He gave me a list of suggested topics and I thought this one would be fun. It ended up being a really fun list to put together: Big Star, The Ramones, Dusty Springfield, Eddie Cochran, The Pixies, Buddy Holly. I think we put together a pretty good episode.

We were broadcast in “real time” by the good folks at killradio.org.
The episode is up for anyone to listen to on their own time here at alltimetopten.podomatic.com

As I understand it, the only rule for sharing our own work is that we can’t get all butt-hurt if other posters tell us we suck. So, for anyone who cares to listen, I share my episode as a guest on All Time Top Ten.