I was at the Simpsons Movie world Premiere. (possible spoilers)

I was there and by a slim one in a million chance was able to get a ticket.

Here is a scan of the ticket.

Here is a banner the town set up.

Here is a zoom in on Matt Groening and David Silverman’s autographs on the giant homer arm outside the theater (it was holding a giant donut).

The movie was awesome. (I saw the Terrance and Phillip movie, who wants to touch me? I SAID WHO WANTS TO TOUCH ME?!?!?!)

Any questions? I have to run shortly, but may return sometime this evening.

Those last two links are broken… Here they are fixed.



Ok… I don’t know why its doing that. Hunt out the html from that yourself before I make a fool of myself a third time.

http colon slash slash. :wink:
Still not showing up, but the html format is correct: