I was gone for a bit, but I'm back now

I’ve been having issues with Barney, my wee blue netbook computer. But we’ve finally nailed the problem down to a stupid freaking virus. My sweet hubby did a complete teardown and re-install of all of Barney’s software for me today, so I’m back.

I missed you guys.:smiley:

Yo! Welcome back, and a hearty “fuck off” to virus makers.

Where you mellowing out in Atlantis?


And yeah…I dunno how I picked up a damn virus, but whatever. It also didn’t help that my 8 year old, frustrated at how slow it was shutting down when he hit “Shut Down”, was hard shutting it down (Holding down the on/off button till it shut off, which, according to my hubby, is absolutely, positively, most definately the WRONG way to shut a computer down).

There have been reports of malware from visiting the dope. Food for thought.


Check the stickied thread in ATMB about malware coming from visiting the dope.

Somehow I missed that but honestly, since I allow my 8 year old to use this computer as well, there’s a chance that he might have fucked it up. Or I might have, whatever. It was fixed, I’m back. TADA!