I never knew how addicted I was until . . .

I had to go almost two weeks without my straight dope fix.

Apparently my computer picked up the “Snow White” virus and eventually crashed. So many files corrupted that it had to be reformated. The local PC repair guy was unable to retrieve any of my files, including my music. 500 songs gone in a poof. I’d love to find the jackass responsible for that mess.

Anyway, I finally got my 'puter back. System all cleaned up, 128 of memory added, dvd drive installed and all in a bigger better tower. It’s as happy as a little school girl …and so am I.

God I missed you guys. Go ahead say something outrageous.

ok, “something outrageous.”

…A comedy tonight!

Oh Mermaid! If only you could have e-mailed me! I would have hummed “My Heart Bleeds For You” while rubbing my thumb and forefinger together! :smiley:

Actually, I wouldn’t have been able to stand it and would have gone over to my mom’s and confiscated hers. :slight_smile:

ahh, but to have you back, nothing could be better.

glad to hear you got some upgrades too! We love the upgrades! (In about two days my thread will be up about the refined Tyklfe machine! I have parts in the mail.)

so anywho, “something outragious” :smiley:

You would have confiscated your mom’s thumb and forefinger? That’s going the extra mile.


I’ve started doping at home instead of just in the office. So color me dope.

I hope you added or updated your anti-virus program while it was getting repaired.

When I got the e-mail from Haha at Sexy Fun titled snow white has some fun…it didn’t look quite right. I didn’t open it or the attachment. I deleted the message right away and then ran Norton. I also blocked any further e-mail from that address. I did send a reply asking to be removed from their mailing list so that may be where the virus was able to get a toehold. I’m beginning to wonder if antivirus programs really work. Not only did Norton not detect it even when I asked it to search for it, Symantec’s online virus detection didn’t pick it up either.

For what it’s worth, I was told that had I opened it I would have got the “optical wheel of death” that would have wiped out everything anyway. My way was sort of like getting nibbled to death by ducks. It took longer but the end result was the same.