I was gonna flame his ass......

Well , there I was all set to flame the beejeezus out of someone, because of a bogus free domain name link.
Not that the link was bad, but the domain registration part did not work, at all, not even a little bit.
bastard, I got all excited about that, I’ve been putting off buying a domain name, because we really can’t afford it right now, and I really really really wanted to surprise my wife with a domain in reference to her mind numbing cheescakes.

You fucking bastard!, I hope you never get cheescake again!
May your ice cream melt before you get it to your bedroom,
I hope you never sleep in a bed again, may you be forced to run a bowling alley from midnight to dawn, during the week.
I wish a pox of chevettes upon your house, and your wallet.
I you ever do this again I personally will hunt you down and force you to eat squash flavored Ben and Jerry’s!!

thank you for hearing me out, carry on,
I’m over it now.

I forgot to finish out my thought…
shit, preview preview preview…

I was going to flame his ass,
and one of our thoughtful Mods or Admins, (not sure which one did it)
one from MPSIMS, took the thread comepletely away,
I just wanted to say “thanks” to which ever one did it.
damn, that link pissed me off.

Don’t feel too bad, LCP… you’ll get to flame someone eventually.

yeah sure, that’s what they ALL say.
Thanks though, if only for bumping my post.

I just spit diet coke all over it!

A pox of chevettes on your house!!!

For a second there, I thought you might have been refering to me. I posted a link yesterday here http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?threadid=64207

At any rate, the only place I’ve seen with actual free domain names is ** http://www.namezero.com **
The only catch is they put in a thin ad bar at the bottom of your site.

I got a free domain name there some months ago, and have been happy with them. After a few months I upgraded to their $19.95/mo package to get rid of the ad bar.

Just after I posted the link, though, I went back and saw they had a new policy, that if you want it free you might wait up to 6 weeks. I guess they’re feeling the pressure to in this economic climate.

I meant $19.95 per year for no ad bar.

I’d be careful with namezero. If you read the fine print, it says that they own the domain name if you quit within the first year, or you must pay them $50 to keep it. After the first year, the fee is “at their discretion.” You are a licensee of the domain name, not the owner.

This is for their free service; I didn’t read the terms for the pay service.


I’m on the registration as owner for the pay service, which I have confirmed with http://swhois.net/ . Also, if I had simply let the the free service lapse they would not have renewed it, so I would have been free to re-register it at that time without their permission. Of course, if the name had high recognition value, such as “mrs_lcp2972_cheesecake.com”, they might have renewed it and held me hostage for the $50 :smiley: