I Was In The Middle Of A Drug Bust Tonight!

I literally drove into the middle of a major drug bust tonight.

Coming home from work I stopped off at the local major food store to pick up the proverbial milk and bread (typical mid-week run out of both of them). Upon entering the parking lot I normally head for a less occupied area of the lot (not near the store entrance) because I know I always find a spot and I can save time in the process.

Well, the one-way loop was blocked by some jerk just sitting there in the car in the lane. Knowing there was no one else ahead of the jerk I drove a bit further and entered the loop through the exit (Hell, who really pays attention to the faded yellow arrows anyway?). Entering the loop backwards it’s no problem doing a 200 degree turn to the left and pulling right into an open spot of the angled parking.

Except, of course, some other jerk, walking this time, took his sweet time walking down the middle of the lane. So here I am slowly following him down the lane, then turning. However, thanks to me missing my turn just right, I had to do a reverse then drive into the parking spot. At that point I glanced over to my right to see said walking jerk enter a car on the passenger side just one empty spot over. The driver was already in the car, kinda leaning against his window. Fine, no big deal.

As I got out of my car and locked the door (alarm set) I just happened to glance across my car to these two fine fellows in their beat up trash heap of a car. I noticed the hood was not securely latched (meaning if they decided to do some highway driving they would be in for a hellofa surprise when the hood flies open). But I digress.

I made one last glance at the two in the car, not more than 15 feet away, got a weird feeling, thought nothing of it, and proceeded to turn away and head for the store entrance. It was at this time the car, with the two inside started to back up and presumably drive away.

I didn’t get quite 50 feet from my car when all hell broke loose. Cops everywhere! Big cops, little cops, male cops, female cops! Guns drawn with the closest cop yelling, “Freeze asshole!! Outta the car! Now!!” I was close enough to see the cop was pointing a really nice silver-plate semi-automatic. (For undercover?)

Anyway, the sirens whaled and a few black/white squad cars showed up lickety split with lights flashing, too.

The cops just let me keep walking, and as I’m walking (a bit faster now) I would glance back to see what was happening, while all around the parking lot folks just stood and stared at everything unfolding.

After a quick purchase, I was back outside. The cops were doing a mop up. The driver (white male, 50ish, balding in front, graying hair and beard, about 5’9” and 170) was handcuffed (hands in front) near the rear of the car with his wallet and ID spread out on the trunk lid, along with several large bags of pills. (Imagine medium sized potato chip bags in size.) His passenger (Hispanic male, 25ish, 6’ and 180, muscular) was off to the side and behind the driver near a squad car, handcuffed (in front) being searched very carefully by two cops while another couple was a few steps away watching everything going on. And near another squad car, another six cops were together, some watching the arrests, some looking away from everything going on (playing it safe I assume), while the remaining two were on the radio with IDs in hand and more bags of pills on the squad car hood.

I went to my car, got in and started to slowly drive off. My last glance was towards the driver and our eyes met. If you can imagine an innocent look, yet resigned to the fact he was caught red-handed, that’s the look I took away with me tonight.

So, your skills as a Master Of Disguise fooled the flatfoots into busting the wrong guys, eh? They took the fall for you, eh?

Good work, Mugsy. :slight_smile:

WOW!! Duck. Just out of curiosity where do you live? When I lived in Phoenix it was basically commonplace for things like that. And for some reason supermarket parking lots were a norm. I don’t know why. You’d figure the thugs would get the message after a while…

Regarding the look: It sounds like the look of someone watching freedom drive away sloooowly…wishing he were you.