I was just approved for a Pennsylvania medical cannabis card

I actually think it is the case that indicas are sedating and sativas stimulating .

But what I find laughable are the tags that growers and retailers use to describe the ostensible effects of a particular strain. It’s absolute bullshit. So, one strain is described as causing you to feel “creative”, “energetic”, “focused”, “happy”, and “inspired” and another as causing you to feel “calm”, “energetic”, “happy”, and “relaxed”. Really? Can you see any problems with these labels and tags? How many you can come up with?

Absolute bullshit on many, many levels.

I used to not like sativas because the “energy” made me paranoid, but now that it is legal I prefer it more because I can enjoy the buzz and actually do things.

Due to endless crossbreeding and hybridization the indica/sativa classification is nearly meaningless. Unless you’re smoking one of those rescued landrace strains it’s basically impossible to apply an accurate label to it. It’s just a question of body chemistry and although all humans share certain broad characteristics our brain chemistry is unique. Smoke what you like and don’t sweat it.

I got some tinctures for under the tongue. One is called “Doze” for help with sleep and one is called “Restore” to relax me during the day. I’m still not sure that I can tell the difference.
I have a third one that has a “High THC” sticker. Much of that and I have difficulties with balance. I would describe the buzz from it as harsh, if that makes sense.

Personally, I recommend people try the landrace strains if they get the chance. They aren’t necessarily better but they are legendary.

I would love to raise a few landrace plants just to see how things have changed since back in the day. Might just go ahead and get some seeds and see what comes up. Landrace strain is the only critter I’d raise from seed, because even getting some males could be interesting, harvest pollen and do a little experimenting, see what happens when you breed back a hybrid to some of the foundation strains.

I was pretty much a 24/7/365 user from about 16 to about 60ish. Im 67 now.
For me I always preferred sativas, for energy and motivation. Indica is good for sleep, pain, and appetitie stimulation. I also found that tolerance would develop with indica quite rapidly. (to the point where friends would trade me higher value indica for my low strength sativa because they had developed tolerance too!)
I still microdose, and have found the gummies to be a nice alternative, to smoking, if you have the time for them. I need my wits about me at work so I only imbibe after work.

Totally agree with Smart Aleq about seeds etc.
Im at a coastal area of santa barbara where growing seeds makes more sense than buds, heavy fogs often all summer. Then dew at harvest time. Anyways, this summer I grew a baggy full of a mixed hybrid, just to test my long dormant skills. Still had my share of troubles, snails, rats, evil worms.

A bit off topic but there is a fair bit of discussion on rescuing the landraces…people taking both sides quite seriously. The new strains, IMHO are very human dependant to raise, the buds are so dense that mold issues or bug problems require major intervention. A plant which matures in 60 days under intense artificial lights, 25% THC etc…Its become a money race to the bottom.

.Anyways, the landrace folks believe that the DNA of say a Durban Poison, being as Kayaker described, lanky and low weight buds, or ultra long grow time, also carries the ability to with stand molds and radical weather changes. Also may carry medical benefits which became lost when higher THC was selected for.

Many of the older strains were abandoned so farmers could make more money with a compact dense plant.
Anyways,davidm heres hoping it works out for you.

Hey! I had no idea there was another Barbarian here. Including you there are four of us at the moment.

I don’t think I can legally grow it in PA, plus I don’t want to smoke or vape, and making tinctures sounds like a pain in the ass.

The gummies suggestion is a no go as they’re not legal in PA dispensaries. They look too much like candy and are considered a danger to children. The same goes for edibles. (They have bottles of capsules that they call edibles, but it’s not the same.)

I prefer the tinctures since it’s easy to control the dose.