I was just following orders. (office rant - does not contain genocide)

This is x-posted from my LJ, so montrealais, you’ve already heard this one.

All hell broke loose at work today, in the last hour before heading home.

Firstly, I am not allowed to answer questions from the new hires on how to do a particular task. I have specific instructions from my supervisor to either send them to her directly, or go to her and ask her to train them on that task.
Today L. the conspiracy theorist revealed to me that he didn’t remember how to do something that I know is an incredibly simple and essential task. He asked me how to do it, I went to LadyBoss and asked her to train him on it, as it has been sledgehammered into me that this is what I should do.
LadyBoss proceeded to blow her fucking top and reprimand L., sharply and loudly, in front of the whole office.
Once she had walked away, he started muttering expletives under his breath and I am pretty sure he called me a “snitch”.
I was only doing what my supervisor asked me to do. I am not responsible for her choosing to yell at and humiliate L. in front of everyone. IMO, what she should have done would have been to take him into her office, put him in front of her computer, and ask him to complete the task she was asked to train him on, then correct him accordingly, calmly and in private. Frankly, I don’t expect any better from her, but it was a little over the top.

Then, as if that weren’t bad enough, a lady from another department blamed L. for a mistake that wasn’t his fault. When I pointed this out, and showed her proof, she didn’t understand my explanation. Things got heated, because she is a bit of an excitable simpleton, and this attracted the attention of LadyBoss, who pulled the Simpleton aside and re-explained. Simpleton took it pretty personally - she takes everything personally, it’s part of her delightful Jerry-Springer-esque “You don’ know me!” personality. I apologized for being cunty, because I did let things escalate, and she didn’t accept my apology. Then she implied that I was only apologizing because I needed her to give me a ride after work (which I, in fact, didn’t - I had made other plans). Listen, you pasty-faced borderline alcoholic, just because YOU use apologies as currency doesn’t mean that everyone else does. Some of us have class. I was genuinely apologizing because I knew I had made a wrong choice and I wanted to show her that I knew better now.

The unfairness of it all just galls me. I try to be a good person and a diligent employee who is dedicated to accuracy and efficiency, and this is what I get.

Well, there’s your mistake right there. You need to be a bitchy self-centered asshole who blames everyone else for her fuckups if you ever want to get ahead, Missy. :smiley:

You need to sit down with Ladyboss and tell her this. Tell her in terms of “when you did this, it made me feel …” not in terms of what she did wrong or right.

However, update your resume and post it on the better job sites first.

I like that you follow orders. I’d hire you.