I was looking through the archives...

When I came across this. I wonder, is is conceivable that Jesus was actually a teratoma that somehow configured itself the right way? Highly unlikely, but it’d be cool.

If he was, surely he would have been a woman? Virgin birth, no apparent sperm involved …

Since this is a comment of one of Cecil’s Columns, I’ve move it there.

samclem GQ moderator

“Conceivable”? Heh.

It makes more sense to postulate Mary is Mary Magdalene, the prostitute, and that Jesus’s birth was called ‘virgin’ to cover up the fact that Joseph was Mary’s pimp and nobody knew who the baby-daddy was.

I can see the headline on the National Enquirer now: “Best Kept Secret of the Church: Jesus was a Woman!”

Mary Magdalene was not a prostitute; that idea comes from A) conflating her with “the woman who was a sinner” – and usually with Mary of Bethany, too – and, B) assuming that there’s only one way a woman can be a sinner in the first place.